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TAKE ACTION NOW to HELP STOP COVID Evictions this Winter!
On December 31st - in just five weeks - the state’s eviction moratorium will end. Oregonians who have been struggling to keep up with their rent payments during the COVID crisis may begin to face eviction at the start of the new year. 
This is an urgent action alert! 

With the current eviction moratorium scheduled to end in the midst of an active pandemic, there are thousands of Oregonians concerned about where they will live. We are also concerned about the fact that there has been a disproportionate impact of job losses and of the virus on our neighbors who are low-income, Black, Indigenous, and people of color, making them more susceptible to housing instability.
We can’t let this happen! Join us in urging Oregon lawmakers to take action to extend the eviction moratorium and provide rental assistance for people whose lives have been impacted by COVID-19. 
Ask your State Senator and Representative to prevent thousands of Oregonians from losing their homes in the midst of a devastating public health crisis.
One in five of Oregon renting families with children say they have low confidence they can make next month’s rent. 40% of Hispanic/Latino renters, 31% of Black renters and 27% of renters over 55 years old say the same. Come January, if they can’t pay rent, these Oregonians may face the eviction process if we don’t take action. 
Ask your State Senator and Representative to extend the eviction moratorium and allow renters to catch up on their rent after the COVID crisis is over. 
Use this link provided by our advocacy partners:

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