February 22, 2018

Oppose Amendment Preempting Cities from Having Their Own Travel Policy
This morning (Thursday), CS/HB 815 will be considered by the House Government Accountability Committee at 9:00 AM. A “strike-all” amendment has been filed to the bill that would eliminate local travel policies that deviate from s 112.061, F.S. for travel reimbursements. 
Please contact YOUR Representative on the House Government Accountability Committee ASAP (before the 9:oo a.m. meeting) and urge them to oppose language removing the ability of local governments to adopt local travel policies as authorized by FS 166.021 (9). 

The good news - most of the onerous provisions in the bill dealing with travel authorization have been removed - this part is now limited to out of state travel and foreign travel only and requires elected officials to have prior governing body approval.
The bad news - everything after line 45 of the amendment, which basically does two things:
1. Adds municipalities to the provisions of s. 112.061 (per diem and travel expenses of public officers, employees) and eliminates existing law s. 166.021(9) (authorizing cities to adopt their own travel policies separately from 112.061)
2. Adds new language to s. 112.061 that will require all counties, constitutional officers and municipalities to:
-- adopt a "uniform travel policy" consistent with s. 112.061 and applicable to all public officers and employees;
--include a separate line item in the budget for the total expenses for travel.
This meeting is the final stop for the bill before the House floor.
House Government Accountability Committee -
 Oppose Language in “Strike All” Preempting Cities from Having Their Own Travel Policy
Matt Caldwell, Chair (R-79)
(850) 717-5079

Jayer Williamson, V. Chr. (R-3)
(850) 717-5003

Joseph Abruzzo (D-81)
(850) 717-5081

Ben Albritton (R-56)
(850) 717-5056

Brad Drake (R-5)
(850) 717-5005

Jay Fant (R-15)
(850) 717-5015

Patrick Henry (D-26)
(850) 717-5026

Kristin Jacobs (D-96)
(850) 717-5096

Chris Latvala (R-67)
(850) 717-5067

Stan McClain (R-23)
(850) 717-5023

Wengay Newton (D-70)
(850) 717-5070

Bobby Olszewski (R-44)
(850) 717-5044
Cary Pigman (R-55)
(850) 717-5055

Scott Plakon (R-29)
(850) 717-5029

Holly Raschein (R-120)
(850) 717-5120

Bob Rommel (R-106)
(850) 717-5106

David Santiago (R-27)
(850) 717-5027

Carlos G. Smith (D-49)
(850) 717-5049

Charlie Stone (R-22)
(850) 717-5022
Jennifer Sullivan (R-22)
( 850) 717-5031

Barbara Watson (D-107)
(850) 717-5107

Clovis Watson (D-20)
(850) 717-5020

Matt Willhite (D-86)
(850) 717-5086
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