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URGENT August 27 Quartzsite Rally Update!

Important message from Stewart Rhodes.


Oathkeepers, this rally in Quartzsite, AZ on August 27 is now more than just a march in support of ten oath keeping officers and a stand-up Marine veteran Mayor.


This is going to be a liberty celebration BASH.  (See detailes itinerary below).


After the march in honor of the Quartzsite ten, we will have a big barbeque and then live music on into the night by some excellent local bands and also a live concert by freedom fighter musician JORDAN PAGE.

Jordan is a nationally known superstar in the freedom movement, and a big supporter of Oath Keepers (he often wears an Oath Keepers Tee shirt when he performs). He's the Thomas Paine of music.  He loves Oath Keepers and is honored to join us for this historic event.


We do need to help cover his costs, so we have created a chip in where folks can donate to help get Jordan Page to our event in Quartzsite, Arizona on August 27. Please donate and spread it around to others.


Click Here to Chip in and help get Jordan to Quartzsite


We will also be joined by Arizona radio show dynamo and freedom fighter Ernest Hancock, of Freedom's Phoenix, who will do a live broadcast of the event. He will also post the Jordan Page chip-in on his site and help raise funds and promote the event.


This event will be an historic stand for honor, courage, and oath keeping, and will serve as an example of what MUST happen across American to restore our Republic. 


We must support Oath Keeping public servants like these 10 police officers and like Mayor Foster. We all need to sweep our own "porch" clean, sweeping out corruption and good ol boy networks, big government, petty tyrants and oath breakers in every community and we need to replace them with Constitutionalists who will keep their Oath. Let it start here. Let it start now, right in Quartzsite.  Let's set the example and show em how it's done!


And let's also hold a  celebration of our liberty and our commitment to take up the torch of liberty handed down to us from our fathers, and reaffirm our commitment to preserve it for our children. FEAR NOT, and let the beast know you fear not, by joining us with a smile on your face.


Remember, all that matters is that our children are free.  I think this song by Jordan Page says it all. -- Stewart Rhodes:



Click here for lyrics to Message of Freedom


--- --- --- 


Press Release:


Oath Keepers will muster, along with the Sons of Liberty Riders, the Sons of Liberty, the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots, the Campaign For Liberty, and numerous other patriot/Constitutionalist groups, in support of the Quartzsite Ten - the ten officers of the Quartzsite, Arizona, Police Department who have blown the whistle and leveled allegations of corruption against the Chief of Police of Quartzsite in written documents.  See http://oathkeepers.org/oath/2011/07/12/quartzsite-police-officers-association-letter-regarding-police-chief-jeff-gilbert/.


The Quartzsite Liberty Festival will also support the concerned citizenry of Quartzsite, local activists such as grass-roots journalist Jennifer 'Jade' Jones, and the town Mayor, the Honorable Ed Foster (a Marine veteran), who have stood up for the free speech rights of the citizens. This non-partisan Festival will include a banner and flag march, and we are expecting thousands of marchers. The "Quartzsite Liberty Festival" is slated for August 26, 27, 2011, in Quartzsite, Arizona.


Friday, August 26, 2011:


Folks who plan on staying at Vito's RV park are welcome to start arriving there any time after noon on the 26th.  To reserve a camping spot, call Vito at (928) 916-0556

Informal meet and greet at 7pm at Vitos, on the 26th.


Saturday, August 27, 2011:


Muster 8:30 a.m. at Vito's RV Park (see below)

March starts at 10:00 a.m. Be early to line up please.

10am: March to town hall.

At Town Hall: Twenty-minute ceremony to honor the Quartzsite Ten, Jennifer Jade Jones, and Mayor Ed Foster

11:00 am: March back to Vito's RV Park.

1:00 - 4:00 pm:  Speeches at Vito's, w/Live broadcast from Ernest Hancock 

4:00 pm:  Barbeque and cook out dinner (Bring food, pot-luck style.  Something to throw on the grill, chips, side dishes, bread, sodas and other drinks, etc.)

After dinner, bands will play (including Jordan Page) into the evening, and we will have fun  'til?




Arizona Oath Keepers - Contact Mike Frye: mrteapartyfrye@gmail.com phone -- 623-521-3612 


Oath Keepers Board of Directors - Contact Elias Alias

eliasalias@gmail.com phone -- 406-285-6597 

Press/Media contact Elias Alias -- 406-285-6597


Sons of Liberty Riders - Wendy Schops -  webpage:



Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots - webpage:



Vito's RV Park & Rice Ranch RV Park -- Tent and sleeping bag camping (full service facility) $7/night (928) 916-0556 

This press release updated often at:



Background info:





Oath Keepers considers the Quartzsite saga to be a vital pivot point on which small-town America shall awaken to the encroachment of corruption and violation of rights from Federal levels downward into our local communities and our daily lives across the nation. This muster and march shall send forth a clarion call to the American people to restore the Republic from the bottom up, starting with their local communities.  The muster will support and protect the whistleblowers in seats or positions of government power, and will applaud the courage and integrity of the Quartzsite Ten in standing up to unjust use of power by no longer being willing to follow un-Constitutional, and therefore unlawful, orders. Oath Keepers across America, our supporters, cooperating groups, friends, concerned citizens, are invited and requested to march with us in Quartzsite.

-end press release-


Update And Info August 12, 2011:


Muster 8:30 a.m. at Vito's RV Park (see below)


March starts at 10:00 a.m. Be early to line up please. 

Motels at Quartzsite are practically all sold out. Camping and sleeping-bag crashing will be at  


Vito's RV Park & Rice Ranch RV Park -- Tent camping (full service facility) $7/night (928) 916-0556  


The word we have from Vito is that each camp place may hold as many people as can fit in, all for the same $7 per night. Please contact Vito to make sure you can get a space or share a space. Call today! We do have a back-up RV Park for over-flow. There will be indoor sleeping in a large community building which will be air conditioned, for those who do not want the direct desert-life experience out-of-doors, but space indoors will be limited to first come first served basis. Those not wishing to 'rough it' can check for motel rooms in Phoenix, which is 130 miles east of Quartzsite on I-10 but don't be late for the muster Saturday morning! The march will be the highlight of the day.


Many people are scheduling to arrive at Vito's in the afternoon hours of August 26, where fellowship for the next morning's muster and march will begin as the liberty lovers pile into the campground.


The muster will be at 8:30 a.m., Saturday morning, August 27,  at Vito's RV Park. All marchers/riders will be mustered to depart for the march to the town Hall at 10:00 a.m. Please bring marching flags and banners, and don't forget to bring your Oath Keepers gear. Many will arrive in the morning hours from Phoenix and other points. We have people coming from as far away as Alaska and Florida.


Another motorcycle group will join with the Sons of Liberty Riders, but we do not yet know how many motorcycles will be present.


The march will begin at 10:00 a.m. and the route is just under one mile from Vito's to the Town Hall. At the Town Hall we will make presentations to Mayor Ed Foster, Jennifer Jones, and the Quartzsite Ten. This will only take about fifteen minutes, and then we will march back to our muster area at Vito's RV Park. There will be water available during the march. The entire march should take less than an hour start to finish.


Please bring cameras.


Oath Keepers will provide security, but we are calling for all participants to be on our best behavior. Our march itself will be statement enough, will send the proper message for the citizens of Quartzsite to show our support in their quest for honest local government, and it will be most powerful as we remain dignified and resolute in our mission there at Quartzsite.

Upon returning to Vito's RV Park we will settle in for speeches and presentations until about 5:00 p.m., after which live music will take the stage and bar-b-que food will be available. Locals are asked to bring food to share if possible -- we are lining up refrigeration to hold it while we're marching. If you have potato salad, or cole slaw, or anything such as hamburger meat or whatever to share, please do bring. We do not know yet how many people we can expect, but some may be glad to share food with others.  Think of it as a "pot-luck get-together".

This page will be updated continuously.

Oath Keepers To Muster Quartzsite, Arizona, August 27, 2011


Calling all freedom troops! Oath Keepers Muster! Quartzsite Liberty Festival!

Quartzsite Ten Stand On Their Oath Against Alleged Corruption


On Sunday, July 31, 2011, the Board of Directors of Oath Keepers unanimously voted to call on the Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Montana chapters of Oath Keepers to conduct an official Oath Keepers Muster at Quartzsite, Arizona.  This muster will be held in conjunction with several other patriotic civic organizations, Sons of Liberty Riders, the Sons of Liberty, the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots, the Campaign For Liberty, others to be announced.


The Muster will be held on August 27, 2011.


The purpose of this Muster is to support the courageous stand against alleged corruption within that town's Police Department by ten police officers of the Quartzsite, Arizona Police Department. The ten officers are currently under "administrative leave," and at least two of them have been fired from their employment in Quartzsite Police Department. The State's Attorney General has issued a statement indicating an ongoing State-level investigation, and the County Attorney has issued a statement confirming some of the allegations brought by the whistleblowing officers. Public outcry is at a roar.  It is essential that we support oath keeping officers just as stridently as we call out oath breakers, and here we have ten stellar examples of police officers doing the right thing.  They need our full support, so if you can make this muster, please answer the call.


The Muster is also aimed at supporting local patriot/activist Jennifer 'Jade' Jones and Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster, who is a Marine veteran who has kept his oath by standing up for the free speech and political participation rights of the citizens of his town. Oath Keepers intends to spotlight the need for local involvement in local government, transparency in government on all levels, and to encourage unity through community action as small-town America strives for public office accountability in local affairs. America is watching, thanks to the efforts of Jennifer 'Jade' Jones, the Quartzsite Ten, and Mayor Ed Foster.


We want large, tall marching flags and banners please. Oath Keepers are encouraged to wear their Oath Keepers gear. To buy your black-and-gold Muster shirts, hats and other Oath Keepers gear, please check with our online store:



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