Aloha Conservative:
As you know, nearly every single elected and appointed position in Hawaii's political system is occupied by Democrats.  With our poorly managed and virtually nonexistent Hawaii GOP organization in charge of the opposition, Democrats are losing zero sleep at night.

Let's be honest, no Republican -- leading the Hawaii party, running for office or currently in office -- poses any kind of threat to the Democrats' hold on power.  Not right now, anyway.
Over on the mainland, Democrats are much more likely to lose sleep.  Take a state like Wisconsin, where the governor Scott Walker is a Republican and the Wisconsin GOP has its act together; from the state party to the county parties to the district committees to the precinct organizations.  Unlike the Hawaii GOP, Wisconsin Republicans take policymaking and winning very seriously.  That's how Walker wonThat's how his reforms got passedThat's how Democrats and labor unions were defeated in their multiple attempts to punish and unseat Walker.
Unlike any Hawaii politician ever, Governor Walker and the Wisconsin GOP took on the greedy and wasteful government employee unions in his state and won . . . and survived.  And his state is the better for it.  We don't even try to do that here in Hawaii.  Our party's leaders wave the white flag instead.
You may have heard that liberal groups want to protest Walker's visit while he is in Hawaii; just as liberal groups have been dogging Walker wherever he goes in the country.  Specifically, liberals in the form of the HGEA (Hawaii Government Employees Association) plan to picket Walker's speech here this coming week.
But in a truly deceitful and hypocritical move, the do-nothing, left-wing Hawaii Republican Party controlled by Miriam Hellreich, Ted Liu, Pat Saiki and Barbara Marumoto ( currently fronted by their puppet Fritz Rohlfing and his grossly overpaid 'assistant' Marcia Tagavilla in their outrageously overpriced headquarters) seeks to portray the HGEA protest as a "sign" that:  (1) Democrats are nervous; and (2) Republicans in Hawaii are on the rise.
Fellow Republicans, NOTHING could be further from the truth.  The HGEA has absolutely nothing to worry about while the above-referenced liberals continue to hijack the Republican Party of Hawaii into a political black hole.
While there are hundreds of unfortunate reasons that Democrats and their bureaucratic allies can relax in 2016 and beyond, let's just highlight three simple reasons that nobody on the HGEA picket line outside Scott Walker's speech will break a sweat about the assured and continued domination of Hawaii politics by the Donkey Party, thanks to the inept faux Republicans who have long controlled the Hawaii GOP.
REASON ONE:  HRP's Neutral Platform
While Wisconsin Republicans and their governor Scott Walker actually stand up for GOP values, the party of Hellreich and Saiki is officially neutral on every single issue.  You see, the Wisconsin GOP has a real platform which actually takes concrete stands on everything from public education, the 2nd Amendment, and healthcare, to religious freedom, immigration and taxes.  On the other hand, the platform of the Hawaii GOP is silent and neutral It takes no stands of any kind on any issues facing the people of HawaiiNot one.  The platform committee of the state party has been deliberately manipulated by party bosses for decades to keep Republicans weak and feckless.  Hellreich, Saiki, Rohlfing, and Marumoto refuse to allow the Hawaii GOP to challenge local Democrats with specific platform planks, policy solutions, and clear opposition to Democrat standsThis prevents the Hawaii GOP from communicating clearly with island voters during those two long years between elections about what Hawaii would look like with a Republican majority.  The HGEA and the Democrats know that and are grateful to Hellreich and Saiki for providing cover.
REASON TWO:  HRP's Non-Existent Organization
While Wisconsin Republicans have strong county parties , district organizations, and powerful, well-organized precincts, the Hawaii Republican Party is completely dead.  Hellreich, Saiki, Rohlfing, and Marumoto have spent a lifetime destroying the infrastructure of the Hawaii GOP.  Less than 5% of voting precincts statewide even have officers at the precinct level .  Most district organizations are pure astroturf with placeholder names of people who don't do anything to change the hearts and minds of voters in their districts about voting Republican.  And the four county organizations are a joke .  Hawaii Democrats take very seriously the task of keeping control .  Until Hawaii's GOP are led by those who care more about working 24/7/365 to unseat Democrats than studiously avoiding conflict with Democrats, the HGEA and the Democrats can actually go relax on the beach in 2016.
REASON THREE:  HRP's Serious Problems with Money
Unlike the Wisconsin GOP which truly inspires its financial supporters by actually battling with Democrats every single day over that state's future, the Hawaii Republican Party is deservedly broke Rather than leading the fight with Democrats over the issues that matter, Hellreich's entire strategy is "please help us keep the lights on down at party headquarters."  Big #&%@-ing deal.  What about leading an unrelenting fight with Democrats over the issues?  Instead, we are neutral and silent while our own GOP legislators ( led by RINO Beth Fukumoto ) work hand-in-hand with Democrats to increase taxes and give driver's licenses to 40,000 illegal aliens in Hawaii who are taking jobs away from law-abiding legal residents.  Sadly, while our Democrat-infiltrated Hawaii GOP only pretends to be Republican when it needs money or envelope-stuffers, our enemies at the HGEA and the Democrat Party know that the Hellreich and Saiki led party won't even try to put up a fight.  And the constant state of near bankruptcy at Hawaii GOP headquarters is a direct reflection of the political state of surrender symbolized by Fritz Rohlfing's waving of the white flag at every opportunity.
HERE'S THE BOTTOM LINE :  Hawaii's Old Boy Network of Democrats and their allies (such as the HGEA)  are as unworried as they could possibly be while the corrupt and incompetent Hawaii Republican Party is more than halfway into frittering away another two years since the last election.
Ask yourself these questions:  Has the Hawaii GOP impacted the electorate since 2014 so that folks in the islands will vote differently . . . even though the issues here are all on our side?  What has the Hawaii GOP done in the past 12 months to improve the likelihood of Republican candidates unseating Democrats in 2016?
Of course, the answers are a resounding "no" and "nothing".  That's why the Democrats are anything but nervous.  It's not a pretty sight.  Imagine you're watching the election returns on the local news this coming November and you hear one Republican loss in Hawaii after another, as the average state or local Republican candidate gets merely 20% of the votes cast.  It's the same story every two years . . . and we have these lousy party leaders to 'thank' for it.

Hawaii's GOP wants to pretend that it has something in common with Walker.  But there's no comparison.  Walker is the real deal.  And the Hellreich/Saiki gang are just pretenders.


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