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Dear Musicians: 


We apologize for the e-mail or e-mails that were just sent out with the subject "BROADWAY SHOWS CANCELED!" Due to a computer input error, that subject heading was used from a previous e-mail blast.


The text below is what we meant to send out regarding the Occupy Wall Street Community-Labor March.


Again, we apologize for the confusion!


* * *  

Local 802 Executive Board members voted unanimously on October 4th to support and participate in the Occupy Wall Street Community-Labor March on Wednesday October 5th. The vote came in the wake of mounting demonstrations taking place nationwide condemning business practices on Wall Street that adversely affect working-class Americans.


We would like to invite you to march in solidarity with your brother and sister union members tomorrow at the Occupy Wall Street Community-Labor March. Local 802 members will be gathering in the lobby of our building (322 West 48th St) at 3:30pm before heading down to City Hall to begin the march, which is scheduled to begin at 4:30. We strongly encourage you to bring your instrument and join in to sing a few union songs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact K.C. Boyle at 212.245.4802 ext. 176


We look forward to seeing you all in attendance tomorrow!



Local 802






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