ALERT: The Governor has listed HB2 on the list  
of bills he intends to veto.
Tiny House Legislation is
in Danger!

It is Time to Demand Hawaii
Tiny Houses on Farms
Let the Governor - and your State Senator
and Representatives - know
you get the 'housing=food' connection and want them to make this happen:
Tiny Houses on Farms = More  
Workers on Farms = More Food Independence.

Response urgently needed by July 6th


"Dear Governor Ige - Tiny House Bill HB2 is the  
BEST PATH to creating Ag jobs and achieving
Food Independence.  

Ige needs to hear from you loud and clear that you support Tiny Houses on Farms on Hawaii Island as the first significant step our State can to increase Hawaii's Ag work force and food independence.

Here is the conundrum that HB2, the Tiny Houses on Farms,  
Ag Bill faces right now:
1. A Governor who 'proclaims' he plans to double food production by 2020,  
but who is refusing to provide low cost, affordable housing for the farms that
would hire the work force to actually make an increase in local
food production happen.
No workers? NO food!

2. A Mayor who likes the 'idea' of small houses, for the  homeless, but is  
unwilling to directly support Tiny Houses on Farms even though he says he
'supports local agriculture'. Why would he rather keep farm workers hidden away
in substandard shelters and cars, essentially another type of homelessness?
Ask the Mayor here.

No Housing? No Workers. No Food! 

3. A County Zoning Department that mistakenly thinks allowing 'one'  
costly-to-build house for one farm worker is enough housing to operate
a farm so is outright blocking Tiny House legislation. They claim the one worker house per farm rule on the books is 'enough' housing for a farm when
the rest of us KNOW it takes many workers to run a real farm
and produce real food. (AND if you put one Tiny House on your farm under current code, you are then prevented from ever building the regular scale, larger farm worker house).

Our Farmers need the option for multiple, low cost, safe, flexible dwellings for farm workers  
to do the work that makes food happen!
  Tiny Houses can be a BIG help to the new generation of
young farmers eager to just "get growing!"

URGENT: Getting the Governor's Support
Help Ige 'get' the connection: housing=workers=food.

Ask him to approve the HB2 farm worker housing bill as a game changer essential to increasing food production.

Even if you have written before, this time comment that his intended veto is not an acceptable solution to our ag challenges.

Response urgently needed by July 6th

 1. Click HERE to post your Governor's message showing Tiny House on Farm HB2 support - please focus your message on these talking points:
  • On-Farm Housing (not other housing needs)
  • Low building cost that only Tiny Houses allows
  • Understanding a Farm is NOT run by one worker alone, more housing is needed on all farms
  • Tiny Houses offer flexible, affordable housing solutions, fast!
2. IMPORTANT: Send a similar message to your House Representative and State Senator by email from the address lists here: Senate and House.
This is very important because if the Governor refuses to lift his veto, these are the people whose vote can over ride his veto.
Celebrate Independence Day by Taking Action:
More farm housing = more people farming = more local food =
REAL food security for our Island

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