Two weeks ago, you sent over 1000 emails and then showed up en masse at the Franklin BOMA work session and meeting - standing room only! There were over 30 public comment speakers and the room was still packed at 7:45 PM for the vote.

Can you do it again TONIGHT?

Click the slides below for an updated presentation on the issue:

Watch and share a local mom's testimony about where this leads:

Video Testimony from a new Franklin resident

A word from our Chapter Chair


I save this language only for when it’s really needed, and tonight we need ALL HANDS ON DECK at the Franklin BOMA work session and meeting. Please show up at 4:30 pm, speak in public comment at 5:00 pm, stay through the 7:00 pm decision. Review the slides to get up to speed on the issues, send an email, and then show up to speak what's on your heart...or simply show up because your presence matters.

Our Alderman are getting crushed by the same lot that is crushing our capital. The same group that attacked Speaker Sexton’s house during the expulsion hearings, forced police escorts of legislators to their cars, and a police escort of the speaker for the two hour drive back to his home last Thursday. These same actions and misbehavior are being directed at our Franklin leaders.


Not in our town.  

This community MUST show up and show its support.  The nation is now watching. I pray that we show the nation that an awakening is occurring in Franklin, Tennessee, as it occurred in Asbury, Kentucky. That the people are not afraid: they are standing together, they are speaking up. Please let this be the case.  

I will be there. Gays Against Groomers will be there. Parents Choice TN will be there. Will you be there? Will you bring a friend? I’ll be wearing black and white… because there are no gray areas anymore, and the rainbow has been co-opted by ideology. This is a black and white issue of truth against propaganda.  Will you join me?

Don the armor. The time to stand is now, “and after you have done everything, to stand.” Ephesians 6:12

In Liberty,

Robin Steenman

Chair, Moms for Liberty - Williamson County, TN

The Nation is Watching

NBC News: How a Nashville suburb's LGBTQ pride festival became a bitter flashpoint

A typical article that we would expect from the mainstream media.

Read More

The Epoch Times: Nashville Shootings Create Forceful Pushback Against 'Pride' Event in Nearby Franklin

A more balanced, but brief article from the Epoch Times.

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The Tennessean: City leaders delay Franklin Pride vote, say 'community decency' policy is forthcoming

Local coverage with typical left bias.

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Review what happened at the last meeting:

A review of the March 28th BOMA work session and meeting:

Public comment at March 28 BOMA

work session. Watch here.

March 28 Work Session

(with Public Comment)

More than 30 citizens engaged in public comment; each were given one minute to speak. The vast majority spoke against the approval of Pride at Harlinsdale Farm (~30 against, ~5 in favor). Click here to watch public comment.

Speakers included

  • Trish Lucente, founder of Parents Choice TN
  • Robin Steenman, chair of Moms for Liberty WC
  • Miki Cutler, TN Chair of Gays Against Groomers
  • Several local pastors
  • Young and old, all walks of life

Click here to watch BOMA Meeting.

Pride fest is at ~46 mins mark.

Ward 4 Alderman Patrick Baggett

7:00 PM BOMA Meeting

At the 46 minute mark, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BOMA) arrives at the Pride permit approval on the agenda.

Ward 3 Alderman Jason Potts immediately motions to defer the vote by two weeks in order to first address "Item 13," which is Alderman Burger's Resolution 2023-25 on Community Decency.

Ward 4 Alderman Patrick Baggett was quick to second the motion (no surprise there). Ward 2 Alderman Matt Brown expressed a preference to stop stalling and just get on with it (here, here!).

Ward 1 Alderman Bev Burger conceded some validity to both sides. Alderman At Large Brandy Blanton expressed a desire to go ahead and vote. Alderman at Large Clyde Barnhill expressed an understanding for deferment. Aldermen Gabrielle Hanson and Ann Petersen did not comment on the motion.

A vote was taken on the motion to defer:

Potts - Yes

Baggett - Yes

Brown - Yes

Burger - No

Peterson - Yes

Hanson - No

Blanton - No

Barnhill - Yes

Motion to Defer Passed 5-3

Most in the room groaned at this outcome and interpreted it as a dodge.

So now what?


We'll see you April 11th at 5:00 PM

We're standing up for the youngest in our community -

don't let a deferment throw you off that mission.

What's on the table tonight?

What is Resolution 2023-25?

It is a "Resolution Adopting a Community Decency Policy," which proposes stricter punishments for those committing "indecent behavior" in a public space. 

Currently, the penalty for breaking city ordinance is a mere $50 fine, which does little to deter such behavior. This resolution claims to enforce standards to the fullest extent of State law.

It defines "Indecent Behavior" as "any act or conduct that does not align with generally accepted community standards of behavior and conduct, including but not limited to nudity, lewd or sexually suggestive behavior, indecent exposure, sexual acts, excessive and offensive intimate public displays of affection. Any behavior that violates state and local laws or regulations."

We assess this resolution to do the following:

  • It appears more targeted towards individual acts in public spaces or community events (think Pumpkin Fest, Dickens, etc...)
  • This would ask an average “beat cop” to walk into a mass of 1000s of people traditionally hostile to police
  • It expects that police officer to make a judgment on what is indecent and then cite/arrest in the middle of Pride Fest?
  • To say that this resolution fixes Pride Fest is like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound
  • This attitude is a sell-out of local police
  • For the BOMA to hide behind the passing of this resolution is a sell-out of the Franklin community.
  • We need our city leaders to LEAD FROM THE FRONT and not push off their judgment calls onto local police

In Summary:

  • We recommend support of Resolution 2023-25 "Community Decency" policy
  • We do not recommend approval of Pride Fest at Harlinsdale
  • This has nothing to do with "freedom of speech, expression or community acceptance."
  • This has everything to do with sexualized performances at our city park.
  • This has everything to do with the sexualization of children.
  • This has everything to do with Franklin Pride's 2 year history of sexualized performances in the presence of children.
  • This has everything to do with keeping our community from following the same destructive paths that others have gone down.

Let our Franlin BOMA hear your thoughts about tonight's events:

Franklin Mayor – Ken Moore - [email protected]

Ward 1 Alderman – Bev Burger - [email protected]

Ward 2 Alderman – Matt Brown - [email protected]

Ward 3 Alderman – Jason Potts - [email protected]

Ward 4 Alderman – Patrick Baggett - [email protected]

Alderman At Large – Ann Petersen - [email protected]

Alderman At Large – Clyde Barnhill - [email protected]

Alderman At Large – Brandy Blanton - [email protected]

Alderman At Large – Gabrielle Hanson - [email protected]

City Administrator – Eric Stuckey - [email protected]

Or copy and paste into an email header:

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Calls to Action:

1. Franklin BOMA: Pride Fest - TODAY, 5:00-7:00 PM!

See you there! Wear black and white!

2. WCRP Reorganization - Tuesday, April 18, 5:00 PM

Help elect leaders to our local Republican Party that reflect our values, will stand on the issues, and partner with conservative grassroots organizations (such as this one), rather than work against them. Read the call to action slides and check out more details here.

3. Franklin BOMA: Racial Terror Markers - Date TBD

The next battle before the Franklin BOMA is the installation of graphic racial terror markers around our city. More to follow on this as a date is announced and draws closer.

4. POSTMORTEM on Legislative Call to Action for Expulsion of "TN Three":

Keep an eye out for separate legislative email on this topic.


April School Board Work Session

Thursday, April 13th

6:00 PM

PD Center, 1761 W Main St, Franklin, TN

Work Sessions are where the bulk of discussion occurs. The public is welcome to attend, but not permitted public comment. Check our event page for meeting agenda and live-stream link.

April Book Club

Monday, April 17th

10:00 AM

Café Artisan

Please join the author, Dr. James Lindsay, to discuss his latest book "The Marxification of Education" as we focus on the history of Marxism in Education in the month of April.


Monday, April 17th

6:00 PM

Generations Church

Keynote speakers Xi Van Fleet, a Mao survivor, will speak of education in the CCP, and Dr. James Lindsay, author of The Marxification of Education, will discuss the marxist underpinnings of American education, dating back to the 1970s.

April School Board Meeting

Monday, April 17th

6:30 PM

WCS Auditorium, 1320 W Main St, Franklin, TN

Public comment is permitted, The sign-up window is between the Thursday prior to noon on the day of the mtg. Email [email protected]


Monday, May 8th

6:00 PM

Generations Church

Keynote speakers Pete Hegseth of Fox News, Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire, and special guests Dr. Carol Swain and Tiffany Justice will give capstone presentations as we "graduate" from the "2022-2023 School Year for Parents!"

May Book Club

Thursday, May 11th

10:00 AM

Café Artisan

Please join us to discuss "Battle for the American Mind" by Pete Hegseth, keynote speaker at our CAPSTONE 101 event as we graduate from the "2022-2023 School Year for Parents."

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