Take the REAL Survey on
Rail Taxes and 2018

Aloha Republicans:
Back in April, the Star-Advertiser conducted a REAL survey.  57% of Oahu residents clearly opposed another increase in the General Excise Tax to help Hawaii Democrats pay for their costly mistakes in mismanaging the rail project.

However, in recent days, the Democrat Rail Cartel formerly known as PRP has given itself a new name -- "Friends of Rail".  And their friends in the liberal news media (especially the Democrat-run Hawaii News Now) are now promoting a FAKE survey which shows a HUGE SWING in support for higher taxes.

This fake poll claims that 62% of Oahu voters actually want to pay higher taxes for rail.  That's a nearly 20 point swing in favor of higher taxes in just four months.  Unbelievable!!  That's why everyone except the media is calling this a fake poll.

That's why we need your help to fight back against this nonsense.  HIRA has a new survey we need you and your friends, relatives and neighbors to participate in:  HIRA's REAL Political Survey.

There are only TWO QUESTIONS:
  1. Do you support or oppose billion$ in Democrat tax increases for rail?
  2. Should Hawaii's 2018 Republican nominee for governor be a tax-fighter or a tax-hike supporter?
Please click here right away to participate so we can let politicians and the media know how people REALLY feel.  It will only take a minute, and you can see the current results after you complete the quick survey.

The special session starts next week, so please act now.  Thanks for speaking out and for taking part in a REAL poll of voter opinion.

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