Farm Workers in Florida need you NOW!
The National Farm Worker Ministry is very concerned about farm workers' exposure to the coronavirus. The CIW launched a campaign today urging Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida to take immediate steps to protect farm workers’ health and well-being now that there have been confirmed cases of coronavirus in Immokalee. Unless the Governor acts now, Immokalee will soon become an epicenter of contagion with grave consequences not only for farm workers but for all of us – no farm workers, no food.

CIW has asked that we circulate a petition with four demands:

  1. Build a temporary field hospital in Immokalee where people tested positive for COVID-19 can isolate and be treated.
  2. Provide personal protective equipment and sanitization materials to farm workers.
  3. Provide accessible COVID-19 tests for free in Immokalee.
  4. Allocate public funds for economic support for farm workers in Florida.

Please take action today!

For more on this situation, see an OpEd in today's New York Times by Greg Asbed, a founder of CIW: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/03/opinion/coronavirus-farm-workers.html

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