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Dear Members and Supporters,

Bad news....really bad news that just came through yesterday.

1)  Despite denials to the contrary, the government, with EPA's authorization, is continuing to spray the brutally toxic dispersant chemical far and wide in the Gulf of Mexico, on a daily and nightly basis. It is creating massive destruction of marine life and putting the public's health at severe risk. Denise Rednour, a Gulf resident and activist, videoed her walk on Long Beach, Mississippi just two days ago. This beach, normally teeming with marine life, was covered with dispersant and tar balls. Its waters were barren. There are reports of on-going covert spraying from both planes and ships. The only possible reason for continuing to spray the toxic chemical dispersant is to hide fresh oil gushing into the Gulf.

2)  It has now been confirmed that there are large fissures that have been created in the ocean floor for miles around the Deepwater Horizon rig that are discharging oil uncontrollably. Because of the abrasive nature of what is spewing, and the fact that the pressure per square inch is so strong, these holes will only get larger. It is not possible to cap them.

3)  More and more reports are rolling in of horrible human health effects being created by this monstrous scene. Blood tests are showing extremely high levels of hydrocarbons in Gulf residents' bodies where there should be none.

4)  And, all the while, there is a massive mainstream media blackout that is stunning to behold.

We simply can not pretend that everything is okay and try to get on with our lives. This situation is going to impact every single one of us. 

We need your help, now! 

As you know from all of our earlier emails on this subject, there is a solution.*  It must be implemented. And the only way that is going to occur is if enough people stand up and lend the financial support and volunteer help necessary to turn this disaster around.

Take the opportunity to utilize the tax benefits of making a substantial donation prior to the end of the year, while helping The Earth Organization get this situation handled.

We are the only environmental organization that has found a real solution to this mess, and we need your help right now.

2011 must be the year to reverse this collapsing situation. To those of you who have already donated, thank you for your support!

Make your year-end tax-deductible donation by midnight ET tonight!

Barbara Wiseman
Barbara Wiseman
International President
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