Dear Parishioners,

As of 1:00pm today, our Deanery Head, Fr. Michael Mahoney (Our Lady of Angels) informed me that the County of San Mateo announced “ our status on the COVID-19 Monitoring List remains the same, WITHOUT the additional business closures being required. We will inform businesses and public when we have confirmation of any status change.” In view of this, I change what I announced early today: this Sunday (August 2) the scheduled INDOOR Masses at 8am and 9:30am (livestream) as well as our weekday Masses (8:00am) remains the same.

“The health and safety of everyone is our utmost concern and every consideration is being made to ensure all safety measures required by San Mateo County health officials and medical experts are followed.”
The Church will remain opened for private prayers after the Mass until 5:00pm.

Thank you!
Father Senic
Online Sunday Donations
We encourage you to continue to contribute what you can, either through “We Share” using this link here or through the Sunday envelopes. We thank you for your generosity, especially during this uncertain times.