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Newtown Changed Everything 

Dear Friends,
The message is clear.  Newtown is every town.  Americans are not letting this go. The quest against gun violence continues to gain momentum, and we are beginning to see some results.  On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed two measures intended to curb gun violence, and the bills are now likely to go to the Senate floor for a full vote.

The Committee will hold a vote on several anti-gun violence bills this Thursday, March 14, the three month anniversary of the Newtown massacre.  Call your senators TODAY and tell them to vote YES on making our communities safer through common sense gun laws.  See our "Team 26" article below for details and contact information.  

Individual states such as New York and Maryland have made it clear by recently enacting stronger gun laws that reflect we have had ENOUGH gun violence in our communities.   In addition, a study by Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard University released on March 6, 2013 found that states with more gun laws in place see fewer firearm related deaths.  It's clear that change is needed, and we are making some headway.  But real, sweeping change won't come without your help.  Our lawmakers work for us.  Call them now and let them know where you stand.  It's time to take action. 
Please remind your friends and family that smart gun laws save lives.  Pass on this email.  Thanks for continuing to reach out and keeping this topic alive.
In Peace,
The ENOUGH Campaign team
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Join "Team 26" and make your voice heard NOW!
26 Cyclists in support of anti-gun violence legislation reach Capitol; crowd at rally urged to call their Senators

Washington D.C. - After spending four days riding almost 400 miles from Newtown, Connecticut, the cyclists of Team 26 reached the Capitol on Tuesday.

Upon arrival, the riders were greeted by each member of the Connecticut congressional delegation for a rally on the steps of the Capitol in which they spoke about the importance of stronger gun legislation. Sen. Richard Blumenthal was handed two letters by team members, one from Chris and Lynn McDonnell, whose daughter Grace was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting, and one signed by 32 family members of the victims.

Blumenthal said he would deliver the letters to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, then announced that the committee had approved two bills earlier in the day, one to expand the background-check system and another to fund school security plans.

The committee will vote this Thursday, March 14, the three month anniversary of the Newtown shooting, on several bills including one to protect schools from gun violence, one that calls for universal background checks, and a bill to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

Sen. Blumenthal has a petition you can sign to urge his colleagues in the Senate and House to pass comprehensive gun safety legislation.

Tomorrow, the day before the vote, it is CRUCIAL that our lawmakers hear from us.  Call them NOW at the numbers below and ask them to vote YES on S. 374, the Protecting Responsible Gun Sellers Act of 2013 (universal background checks) and S. 150, the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013:

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA):  (202) 224-3744
Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT):  (202) 224-5251
Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL):  (202) 224-4124
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC):  (202) 224-5972
Senator John Cornyn (R-TX):  (202) 224-2934
Senator Michael Lee: (R-UT):  (202) 224-5444
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX):  (202) 224-5922
Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ):  (202) 224-4521

Download our talking points and read them before you call.

Do not delay!
a visual tour
The following photos were taken at the March for Change in Hartford, CT on February 14, 2013.
Victoria Soto's family

Jillian Soto, sister of Newtown teacher Victoria Soto who was killed in the shootings, said she was never interested in the issue of gun control before her sister was murdered.

"You never think it is going to hit home," she said. She came to Hartford to keep her sister's name out there and demand change, she said.

Vicki was silly, hard-working and loved her life, Soto said. Celebrities have called her family and thousands of people have written to praise Vicki for risking her life and saving 11 children, Jillian Soto said.

"For me, Vicki was a hero long before Sandy Hook. She didn't need to die to prove that to me," she said.

On behalf of her sister, Jillian Soto asked for a "real" assault-style weapons ban, for magazines to be limited to 10 rounds and for gun-sale loopholes to be closed.

"Nothing I can ever say or do will ever bring her back, but I don't want this to happen to anyone else," Jillian Soto said.  


Robert Thomson, whose 14-year-old son was fatally shot in the back of the head on the streets of Bridgeport a little more than a year ago, said, "My prayers go out to the families of Newtown, but in these urban cities, we are confronted with this problem every day."

Something has to be done, he said - these children are not reaching their full potential, they are not reaching adulthood, he said.  

"The price of liberty is eternal vigilance," she quoted the third US president, Thomas Jefferson. "Look what happens when no one is looking," she said. "Vigilance is here today... I add my voice on behalf of my son, calling for change now. Now!" said Ms. Pozner, leading a chant of "Now! Now! Now!" from the crowd.  Ms. Pozner lost her 6 year old son to the horrific gun violence that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Ms. Pozner spoke of the strict gun laws she believes must be enacted, and shared with those present a turkey made by Noah this past Thanksgiving. On each of the five tail feathers are written things for which Noah was thankful: electricity; books; friends; family; and one that elicited tears from many: "The life I live."

"Let Connecticut be the change in respect to gun safety. Keep fighting," urged Ms. Pozner.
Joe Biden visits us:
Federal Response to Gun Violence  

 Federal Response to Gun Violence Conference

February 21, 2013

Danbury, CT - U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy along with U.S. Representative Elizabeth Esty came together with CAGVMarch for Change,
Sandy Hook Promise, and Newtown Action Alliance at Western CT State University in Danbury last week to talk about the agenda to reduce gun violence not just in CT but also nationally.
Governor Malloy and Vice President Joe Biden attended to recognize Connecticut's position as a leader and role model in this effort.


"The CT Effect is not passing. It is galvanizing us to action; to work together, to find and build the common ground to move forward." - Congresswoman Etsy 


Blumenthal described the federal legislation which is currently in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee which he believes will be voted on sometime in March and which he believes will pass:

  • Ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines
  • Penalties on illegal trafficking: 30 years for someone who knowingly buys a firearm in the name of someone else as a straw purchaser
  • 10 years in jail for someone who knowingly sells a firearm to a straw purchaser
  • Expand criminal background checks for all all gun purchases, close gun show loophole
  • Create background checks for ammunition purchases (right now there are none)
  • Improving database used for the background checks has been put in motion
"Two months ago, these issues were untouchable." said Blumenthal.  "Today, they are achievable, unstoppable in fact, if we can continue the solidarity and steadfastness that our leaders have been displaying. The forces of resistance, as strong as they once were are a shadow of what they were.  Connecticut is at the forefront of measures to prevent gun violence. But as much as we are leading the nation, our laws are not enough."

Gun Violence Response

Conference Panel

The first of two panels was assembled to discussed the agenda for reducing gun violence providing many points for deliberation.
"We know what we need to do. The only question that remains is... do we have the resolve to do it?" - Pedro Segarra, Mayor of Hartford
"In 1968 we passed federal legislation that made it illegal for certain categories of citizens to own firearms. But it essentially ran on the honor system. There were no background checks. In 1993 (after 12 years of work, after the assassination attempt on Reagan) the Brady Act was signed into law, establishing the background check system. 40% of gun sales are still made with no background check." - Matt Bennett, SVP Public Affairs, Third Way Think Tank, Wash DC
"We have national standards on many industries, why not have a national set of standards to provide the stimulus to the gun industry and gun advocates to move to a safer place? We need legislation that allow for transformation, so that we're not dealing with only punitive measures, but proactive measures toward gun safety." - Chris McDonnell (father of Sandy Hook victim)
"ATF is undermanned, under-resourced and without a leader for 6 years. The best laws on the book are dead letter it they are not enforced. They need more resources to pursue criminals more aggressively, but we need more severe laws and we need to enforce them." - Senator Blumenthal
"In the process of creating federal regulation, we need to make sure that the cost of dealing with the problem of illegal guns [to our local communities] is apportioned to those that are profiting from the proliferation of guns." - Pedro Segarra, Mayor of Hartford
"The current assault weapons ban was passed some time ago [1993]. Legislation needs to be reviewed continually and updated as manufacturing techniques change and as new weapons are designed and marketed." -Capt Dale Hourigan, CT State Police

Mental Health and School Safety:
7 Security Initiatives


The second panel, addressing mental health issues, reflected the need for sensitivity and understanding of complex issues. They explored many of the important issues that have come up since the Newtown tragedy.


"Over the last 4 years of state budget crises, $4.3 billion has been taken out of our mental health system. At a time in which state medicaid systems are reporting a 10% increase in the demand on those mental health systems. On top of that, only about 20% of children who have a serious mental illness are receiving treatment." - Senator Murphy


"The people in treatment are less likely to be violent. The earlier we can be aware of the warning signs, provide treatment and increase resiliency, the greater chance we have at preventing violence. Prevention works and it is cost effective. For every dollar that you spend on prevention, you're going to save anywhere from $10-250 in treatment at the far end. The solution lies in making these solutions as universally available as possible."  - Kathryn Seifert, Psychotherapist, Lecturer, Author


"Prevention is something that does not happen by chance. It does not happen informally. One of the best things you can do is hug your kids. One of the best things you can do is actively supervise what they're doing. One of the best things you can do is let your kids know that you value and appreciate what they are doing and the relationship you have. The more investment we have in those types of real activities on a daily basis, the greater the likelihood that you're going to have the opportunity to share communications with each other. And the greater the opportunity that you're going to be able to intervene before some of these significant issues or incidents are likely to occur." - Dr. George Sugai, Director, Ctr for Behavior Education & Research, Neag School of Education, UConn


Governor Malloy outlined his gun safety reform plan for Connecticut which he released to the public which you can find here: http://www.governor.ct.gov/malloy/lib/malloy/2013.02.21_Gun_Safety_Summary.pdf 


Senator Blumenthal called for the U.S. Congress to bring the national legislation up for a vote; stressing that no matter how strong Connecticut gun control laws are, they will be not be successful at reducing gun violence without federal laws. He called on all U.S. citizens to insist that their lawmakers make this happen.


Vice President Biden noted that the representatives and leaders for gun control that are assembled and demanding change in reaction to the Newtown tragedy is unlike any other time in the evolution of gun control laws and violence prevention. He expressed deep admiration for the parents of the Newtown victims in their ability to stand and demand that their political representatives have the courage to take a stand for reducing gun violence. "The price to be paid politically will be paid by the legislators who refuse to take action on gun control. We have an obligation to act."



A video of entire conference is available here:




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