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November 01 - November 30, 2021
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House passes $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that includes transport, broadband and utility funding, sends it to Biden

The House passed a more than $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill late Friday,5 November 2021, sending it to President Joe Biden’s desk in a critical step toward enacting sprawling Democratic economic plans. The Senate approved the revamp of transportation, utilities and broadband in August. The legislation’s passage is perhaps the unified Democratic government’s most concrete achievement since it approved a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package in the spring.

Morgan Stanley says ‘impact’ investing is about to boom — and screens for stocks to cash in
Morgan Stanley says 'impact' investing is about to boom — and screens for stocks to cash in. Mastercard credit cards. Morgan Stanley has named a slew of stocks that are well placed for a boom in impact investing, as investors look for positive social and environmental outcomes — not just profit.
The United States reopens to vaccinated international travelers

The United States flung its doors open to vaccinated international travelers on Monday 8 November 2021, welcoming many visitors who've been shut out of the country for nearly 20 months. But with new requirements going into effect for US air, land and ferry arrivals, there's bound to be some congestion as the rules are rolled out.

America is hiring a record number of robots

Companies in North America added a record number of robots in the first nine months of this year as they rushed to speed up assembly lines and struggled to add human workers. Factories and other industrial users ordered 29,000 robots, 37% more than during the same period last year, valued at $1.48 billion, according to data compiled by the industry group the Association for Advancing Automation. That surpassed the previous peak set in the same time period in 2017, before the global pandemic upended economies.

October Jobs Report: Strong Rebound as U.S Economy Adds 531,000 Jobs

The U.S. labor market sprang back to life in October after a summer slowdown, with employers briskly adding jobs and nearly 200,000 women joining the labor force. The economy churned out 531,000 new jobs in October, the biggest gain in three months, the Labor Department said Friday November 05, 2021. Restaurants, consulting firms and factories all boosted hiring, suggesting broad strength across the economy. Nationwide job growth was also stronger in August and September than previously estimated, with new data boosting employment over that period by 235,000 jobs. The unemployment rate fell to 4.6% in October from 4.8% a month earlier, and is down by more than half a percentage point in just two months.
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