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Silicon Dragon 
NY 2019

757 Third Ave.

+ Panel: 5  leading VCs
Tech Chat: China's drone maker DJI
+ Q&A:  
Gary Rieschel and Rebecca Fannin 
led by 
Asia Society's
Isaac Stone Fish 
+ Debate: 4 authors 
of China books
Cocktail & appetizer reception 
on the terrace
+ Book signing
Tech Titans 
of  China:
San Francisco
Yacht Club

Silicon Dragon 
London 2019

Silicon Dragon 

Book Talks

Roundtable Discussion: US-China Tech Cold War
+ Luncheon
+ Signed Books 
for  Guests 

MIT Enterprise Forum
Cambridge, MA
NYC Club Talks (private)
Sept. 10, 18, 19, 24

New York
China Institute
September 23
Palo Alto
Stanford University
Oct. 2
Portland, Ore. 
NW China Council
Oct. 7
Washington, DC
Brookings Institution
US-China Business Council
October 10

How To Academy
October 21  

Conduit Club  
October 23

Country club
October 30

AmCham Shanghai
November 4

Blk 71
November 7

Hong Kong
November 12

Hong Kong
AmCham Hong Kong
November 14


Silicon Dragon Circle

Isn't China stealing our technology?
Isn't Huawei a cybersecurity threat? 
Is China now the enemy?
I'm getting these questions frequently in interviews with various media outlets as my new book launches: 
These issues are in the public spotlight as China is leapfrogging the U.S. in technological capabilities. The U.S. has never had to confront a tech adversary. But now this rapid gain by China, and its clear intentions to own large chunks of tomorrow's technologies,  is being recognized by the U.S. It's a wake-up call for the U.S.  China has a new challenger to  the U.S. for continued global dominance. A tech cold war between China and the U.S. is underway, and shows no sign of easing.

A New Era Unfolds: From Silicon Dragon 
to Tech Titans of China
Silicon Dragon
I'm asked this question a lot now that I'm on the book tour. And the answer is: No, my new book
Tech Titans of China is not an update of my first book, Silicon Dragon.
If you read both, you'll know for sure!

A must read from Bloomberg about the executive ( Daniel Zhang) who will succeed Jack Ma as Alibaba's new chairman on Sept. 10, and who was mistook by an employee's parent for the janitor. "If we don't kill our existing business, someone else will. So I'd rather see our own new businesses kill our existing business," says Zhang, in a well-placed comment. In his understated way, Zhang is proving as radical as his predecessor, and is all about business performance and execution. 

What China experts have to do to get on Beijing's visa 'whitelist.'  Washington Post

China blocks U.S. conferencing tool Zoom:   Technode

Co-founder of China cybersecurity company Qihoo says 
5G telecom will introduce new bugs and security gaps as more devices are brought online. Abacus 

WeChat unveils new device that allows customers to pay with their face, using facial recognition technology. 

ByteDance quietly launches search engine to compete with Baidu. Caixin Global  And ByteDance has acquired Baike, an encyclopedic rival to Baidu. 

Bloomberg BusinessWeek radio interview, Sept. 9
NPR Marketplace, Sept. 10, 7am hour ET
CNN International, Sept. 10, 3pm hour ET
Quest Means Business   
CGTN America,  Sept. 10, 8:30pm ET
i24 News flagship show, Clearcut with Michelle Makori, Sept. 10, 7pm hour ET

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