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Hello All,

I meant to send this out a few days ago but got waylaid.  My apologies, but this is
HUGE!!!  From a few days ago...

Today, the US Federal government suspended funding of the Los Angeles arm of the deadly federal surveillance tower roll out!!  According to Fierce Wireless Magazine, we gave First Net a "black eye" which they may or may not recover from...

Fierce Wireless, (if this link doesn't load, just copy and paste it into your browser one or two times as it may have corruption issues...no pun intended ;) 

LA Times,

According to my conversation with Pat Mallon, (Executive in charge of LA RICS) this week, the Federal government and First Net, the agency through which all funding of the federal cell tower surveillance program flows, have pulled all funding for the LA RICS federal cell tower program.  BUT, the wireless industry is very persistent, so it is possible it will get it re-instated (according to LA Board of Sups staff) after LA County Board of Sups. meets with the federal government behind closed doors in Washington, DC this week.  April 13th is the date which we may know more about what is going on and whether or not this funding cut to this deadly program is permanent.
Also, there has been a media BLACKOUT on what happened with the LA police joining the fire fighters and just saying "NO!" to deadly microwaves from cell towers on or near their stations.  Never before in the history of the US has something like this happened.  Noticeably absent has been the media.  This historic event got practically zero media coverage!!

I am re-posting a link to my news letter containing the LA Police and Fire Fighters historic stance against cell towers in the City of LA...

LA Police Join Cell Tower Opposition in City of LA, Council Votes No!

I will keep you posted on any updates regarding this historic win!!  We are gearing up for round two, as ex-Fire Fighters Union President Don Wallace said in teh above link, "they'll be back!"  Mr. Wallace also noted in his email - with capital letters, the "REVOLT IN TOPANGA" which led to REVOLTS in other areas!!  I wish to thank all my fellow Topangans and everyone else who worked so hard on this and contributed in any way to help achieve this historic win!!

Here is my video on this subject...

Here is the First Net Hearing from last month if you would like to watch it...

In Solidarity,
Liz et al








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