December 2, 2019 
Dear Upper School Families,
Hopefully your Thanksgiving break was a good one, whether you traveled far or stayed close to home. In the theme of our Head of School's message from a week ago, reminding us of the importance of recovery, my family enjoyed staying in Columbus this year where everyone in my family did some of the Thanksgiving cooking -- kids included. From attempting recipes from my childhood to watching our first holiday movie of the season, we generally enjoyed slowing down the pace of our days.
This next segment of school before winter break happens with lightning speed. The formula is something like this: get reacquainted with early mornings, lose your favorite travel mug somewhere on campus, gather your notes from semester 1, review, study and take exams. It's that fast. Here is some important information related to the weeks ahead and upper school winter exams.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 11: Review Day (no tests)
  • Thursday, Dec. 12: Review Day (no tests)
  • Friday, Dec. 13: 10:00 History Exams, 1:00 Music Theory Exams, 5:00-7:00 Empty Bowls/Soup for Shelter Event at Otterbein University's Campus Center
  • Monday, Dec. 16: 8:00 Science Exams, 12:00 English 9 & 10, HBio and HCGov Exams
  • Tuesday, Dec. 17: 8:00 Math Exams, 12:00 Computer Science Exams (and Make-Up Exams where needed)
  • Wednesday, Dec. 18: 10:00 World Language Exams, 1:00 Make-Up Exams
  • Thursday, Dec. 19: 9:00 & 1:00 Make-Up Exams Only
  • Friday, Dec. 20: 11:30 (for Seniors only) Alumni Holiday Luncheon at The Grand Event Center in Grandview (more details to follow directly to seniors)
  • Monday, Jan. 6: School Resumes
  • Tuesday, Jan. 7: Report Card Grades go live on My BackPack at 3:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, Jan. 18: (for Seniors only) Senior Lock-In, more details to follow directly to seniors 
On Upper School Exam Days, students may show up to school at the usual early morning time, but they are not required to if their first exam starts later. If it works for their transportation, they may arrive just 15-20 minutes before the exam. Students who do not have an afternoon exam may depart when they are done or stay on campus until the usual release time of 3:20 p.m. Lunch is available to all upper school students up and through Wednesday, December 18. Students wear dress code on exam days. 
Also, note that exam grades (part of the report card grade) won't be published until we return from winter break. This allows time for grading and comment writing, all the while affording students time away from grades while on winter break.
Health and Safety Information 
As our winter break approaches, your children are going to have a well-deserved pause from their school routine and, hopefully, some down time. Given what we are seeing so often in the news these days about the dangers of vaping, especially among teens, we thought it important to share with you some short informational videos to boost awareness. Reports reveal that this popular alternative form of nicotine is on the rise with both high-schoolers and middle-schoolers, and their misconceptions about it are supported by the industry's pervasive marketing efforts. Currently our ninth-graders receive information in their health classes and also listened to a local expert address them in October on the topic. Working with our counselors, deans and health teacher, we are working to bring additional awareness to the whole Upper School in the new year. Wherever you may be in your understanding on the dangers of e-cigarettes, please take a moment to view What Are Electronic Cigarettes and What Are the Medical Risks of E-Cigarettes, compliments of our partners from the STAND project.
Final Note from Viking Corner
For those hoping to order a Columbus Academy letter jacket for the holidays, the deadline to do so is this Wednesday, December 4. To place your order, visit the store's location just off the Dining Hall during its regular hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday. For more information, email
As always, should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. May our December be smooth and free of snow days.

Head of Upper School
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