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The annual rankings place UCSF in the Best Hospitals Honor Roll, a distinction earned by 20 medical centers nationwide. See the specialties rankings »

Social media use is more associated with oppositional defiant disorder than other forms of screen use such as watching TV.

New study shows for the first time the impact on hearing for adults who were treated by chemotherapy. 

New Brand Photography Library: We have transitioned to a new photography and video database that’s user friendly and has a more robust search capacity. You can find the Brand Photography Library in MyAccess anytime. Explore the new library »

Cybersecurity Scams: Find out common ways hackers trick people during back-to-school season. Test your knowledge for a chance to win one of six $50 Amazon gift cards » 
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Wellness Corner: August celebrates national wellness month. Our 7 Pillars of Wellness at UCSF are Emotional, Physical, Financial, Social, Environmental, Career, and Spiritual. Which pillars will you focus on this month? Visit for this month’s Wellness Bingo and more wellbeing related resources »