March 1 2019
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February 28 2019
Following the release of our statistical analysis of US pension plans, we offer a template for US pension reporting of their securities lending programs that would add value to both pension managers and the communities they serve.

February 27 2019
Finadium presents the collected data of 78 US pension securities lending programs including most of the largest US state, county and city funds. Our analysis covers revenues, fee splits, collateral policies and assets on loan.

February 26 2019
We've been hearing some trends from prime brokers about how to grow their franchises in spite of weak hedge funds returns in 2018 and no end to the concentration in assets among the top managers.

February 25 2019
Here's what we learned at the Business of Collateral Trading event we held last week in Frankfurt, attended by 81 professionals across the buy-side, sell-side, vendor and regulatory communities. We also provide the conference presentations.

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Webinar for Finadium research and consulting clients
March 12 2019

New York
May 2-3 2019
40 investor registrations from 34 institutions

September 24 2019

New York
October 2 2019

New York
November 4 2019

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March 5-7 2019

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