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September 19 2019
A broader adoption of electronic repo trading across the buy-side and sell-side is creating opportunities for greater integration, efficiency and automation on trading desks. While most interdealer and dealer-to-client (D2C) trading platforms are stand-alone and do not interact with one another, new functionality from MTS simply segregates the trading activity on a single platform. This allows not only for simplicity in technical implementation and integration for dealers but also the choice and control for certain data to be seamlessly shared between these dealers and their clients. A guest post from MTS.
September 18 2019
US repo markets this week have shown what happens when they reach capacity, and the Federal Reserve has shown phase 1 of what it will try to do to maintain order. We provide a summary of what’s happened so far and analysis on what happens next.
September 18 2019
At the moment, conversations about securities finance tech persistently lead back to SFTR, but it is only one of many technologically-demanding regulations that aim at standardization and harmonization in a political environment characterized by the forces of disintegration. Ahead of our Finadium Investors in Securities Lending, we speak with Bloomberg and Broadridge about what’s important now and around the corner.
September 17 2019
Finadium has conducted its sixth industry-wide survey of collateral management technology vendors, providing a comparative look at the development of this sector, and focusing exclusively on vendors providing collateral technology to a bank or buy-side user as a dedicated service. 
September 16 2019
When it comes to blockchain for enterprises, adoption is moving forward via consortium but is hitting a wall without regulations, said financial services market participants at a recent conference. 
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