July 2018

A new Supreme Court ruling sends the Berkeley Cell Phone Ordinance back to the California Court. Read Lynne Peeple's article " Wireless Industry Using First Amendment as a Cudgel in Its Battle Against Safety Warnings"  featuring Dr. Davis, Dr. Moskowitz, Microwave News, Dr. De-Kun Li and Lawrence Lessig.

Dr. Martin Blank, 1933-2018 Courageous Researcher: A Visionary with Fearless Honesty
Dr. Blank blazed a path through popular disinformation, mapping safer ways to live in modern society.

Long-time faculty at the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Columbia University, New York...
Environmental Health Trust Files Request To FCC To Suspend "Unlawful Approval Of 5G Infrastructure"
EHT's request states that the failure of the Commission to take appropriate action "is unlawful and will result in irreparable harm to the public."  

RT News: Cancer Risk? 5G Wireless Speeds Could be Dangerous
Dr. Carpenter and Environmental Health Trust are featured in this new report on the health risks of 5G. "The wireless industry is rolling out powerful 5g technology throughout the United States. RT America's Dan Cohen has the story."   Watch Video  
First of A Kind Study: Injuries to Vision, Hearing, and Brain Posed by Virtual Reality 
Experts warn that injuries to vision, hearing, and brain could prove irreversible in an innovative RF measurement study published in Environmental Research. 

The National Toxicology Program Releases The Peer Review Report From The Cell Phone Radio-Frequency Radiation Study
The NIEHS expert panel voted that the heart tumors were "clear evidence" of cancer in this landmark US study that also found increased brain tumors cardiomyopathy, DNA damage and tumors in the pituitary gland, prostate and liver. 
The Dramatic Changes on the Planet and the Hellenic Roots of Ecological Ethics 
Dr. Devra Davis and Theodora Scarato delivered lectures at an interdisciplinary scientific conference at the University of Patras and the Centre for Sciences and Hellenic Values, making headline news.

Upcoming Conference: Healing Chronic Illness in a Toxic World. Your Environment Matters.
The 2Thriving conference presentations include Aly Cohen MD, building biologist Christopher Buonocore, Melanie Dorion NP, Alison Main and EHT's Theodora Scarato.
"Companies including Blackberry, EE, Nokia and Vodafone have told investors they could face legal action from device users if research eventually finds links between their products and cancer"

Virtual Assistants User Instructions state people should be at least 8 inches away from the device
From Alexa to baby monitors to laptops to your cell phone-ALL wireless devices warn the user to keep a distance because  of the radiation. 

EHT has compiled these manufacturers' instructions.  

Theodora Scarato publishes an opinion piece  about the Berkeley Ordinance. 
She highlights the French government's cell phone tests that establish how c ell phones exceed radiation limits at body contact.