The COVID-19 Pandemic has introduced social distancing and quarantine measures that have largely impacted practices, competitions, courses and events. The health, safety and well-being of the archery community are USA Archery’s highest priorities, and while we all play our part and stay home, we’re committed to keeping you on target and engaged with archery.

Let’s take this time to learn something new, dive further into something you are passionate about, and get better together.

In the last year, USA Archery created competency models for Athletes, Coaches, Clubs, and Judges to provide information and resources for self- guided development. Within each competency model are pillars that are made up of the basic building blocks of quality development. 

For each chart, we will look at one Core Competency each week and dive deeper into specific educational resources. Let’s get started!

These Competency Charts and more expansive resources can be found within the USA Archery Member Dashboard. USA Archery’s new  Member Dashboard  incorporates all the resources that were previously found on the USA Archery Mobile Coach App and website plus many new resources and benefits for members, athletes, coaches, judges and clubs. ( Log in for more!)

USA Archery also has a new At Home Resource page on our site. You can find these newsletters and additional resources such as videos, meditations, games, activities and more to keep yourself and your archers on target At Home.