Spring is in the air! Cheer tends to be a year-round activity and/or sport for most cheerleaders. Whether you are still representing your school on campus or sporting events, finishing up basketball season, competing year around with all star or just starting your sport with STUNT, the spring is a great time to reflect on your season. What were your goals at the beginning? Now's a great time to reassess. It's never too late to evaluate and it's always the best idea to finish stronger than you started! We are excited to share with you some of the great things that are going on this Spring with USA Cheer.
Lauri Harris
Executive Director
National Teams
Team selections were extremely successful in January for our Premier All Girl and Coed teams! We had the highest turnout to date with an insane amount of highly talented individuals and partner stunt groups. We are looking forward to bringing the teams back together in the middle of April to train for the ICU World Cheerleading Championship. In addition to our two Premier Cheer teams, All Girl and Coed, there will be a total of 16 teams in 18 divisions for the 2019 World Championship.

Premier All Girl & Premier Coed
Premier Jazz, Premier Hip Hop & Premier Pom
Junior All Girl, Junior Coed, Junior Hip Hop & Junior Pom
Special Abilities Unified & Special Abilities Traditional
Adaptive Abilities Unified Coed Advanced & Adaptive Abilities Unified Median
Special Olympics: Unified Intermediate, Traditional Intermediate, Unified Pom, Unified Hip Hop & Traditional Pom

Tony Nash
National Team Director
Are you a FAN of USA Cheer? Help support our national teams as they head to the ICU World Cheerleading Championship. 100% of the proceeds of our 2019 FAN Shirt benefits all of our national team programs. Order yours today and become a FAN of USA Cheer!

STUNT - College
We have been working towards becoming an emerging sport with the NCAA and have submitted a proposal to the CWA (Committee on Women’s Athletics).

The committee has advanced STUNT on to the next step in the process, as our proposal met all of the necessary requirements. This will include an official interview with the committee to review STUNT as an emerging sport in April. We are thrilled to see the growth of the sport not only at the college level, but the high school level as well. The enthusiasm for the sport is evident in the testimonials we continue to hear from coaches, athletes and administrators across the country.

Here’s an exciting update from the middle of our season of our current teams participating across the country with many more planned for the 2020 season!

  • 41 colleges playing this spring
  • 800+ female athletes
  • 15 new teams set to play for 2020 with 10 additional possibilities

We'd love to help more colleges bring this exciting new sport to their campus at the Varsity sport and/or Club level. Please contact us to find out how easy it is to get your team involved next season.

Bill Boggs
College STUNT Director
STUNT - High School
This spring we have a record # of teams participating in STUNT!

High School/Junior High/Youth:
  • 210+ Teams playing in leagues this Spring
  • 3,000+ Female athletes
  • 25+ Leagues
  • 980+ games

As the fastest growing female sport across the US, we are excited about the opportunities STUNT is creating for female athletes! To find out how STUNT is transforming high school cheerleading, read this great article put out bv the NFHS. READ HERE!

For information on starting a High School STUNT program in your area, visit:
Bill Ahern
High School STUNT Director
Safety & Education
National Cheerleading Safety Month is soon coming to a close, but thanks to the efforts of so many, the focus on cheerleading safety will continue. Recent studies show that changes in safety rules and an increased education and awareness about cheerleading safety has resulted in lower catastrophic injuries. Results from the annual study by the NFHS also shows that cheerleading is in the lower half of all sports they study in terms of injury rates. The study also points out areas we can target for further improvement, which we will be doing. So, whether it’s the coaches who implement their programs in a safe manner, the athletes who know to practice safely, the parents who support safety programming, the experts who write and implement the safety rules and educate coaches on the standard of care, we all commit to continuing the efforts that have made cheerleading safer for all. For more information on cheerleading safety, and to join the #icheersafe movement, visit cheersafe.org.

Jim Lord
Training and Education Director