Summer - a fantastic time of the year for coaches and athletes to disconnect and get rejuvenated. It's also a great time for athletes & coaches to come together for training as they prepare for their next season. One of the best ways to stay motivated and productive is to step back, step away and reassess. Whatever category you're in, we hope you are enjoying every bit of it! For a more in depth look on what's happening with USA Cheer in the US and around the globe for cheer, safety, the national team and STUNT, check out this article!

Lauri Harris
Executive Director
National Teams are headed to Costa Rica
The coed team and adaptive abilities team will be heading to the Pan American Championship in Costa Rica this fall! This will be the first time for the adaptive abilities team is traveling outside the US and only the 2nd championship for the premier coed team. We are thrilled to be partaking in history in representing the US in competition outside the U.S. Our national teams need to raise their own support for these events. If you are able to support either or both teams, please fine details here do donate: Thank you for your support of USA Cheer!

Tony Nash
National Team Director
STUNT - We need your signature!
STUNT is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the country. More than 100 colleges and 200+ high schools have participated since its inception, and 2019-2020 is projected to be the biggest season yet, with more than 10 new universities adding collegiate programs, high school growth and the launch of our youth STUNT program nationwide! Despite STUNT meeting the qualifications to apply every year since we first applied over 9 years ago, the NCAA has not approved STUNT for Emerging Sport Status.

We are on a mission to change that and we need your help!

Sign the petition to get show your support in asking the CWA (Committee on Women's Athletics) with the NCAA to increase more opportunities at the D1, D2 and D3 collegiate level for female student-athletes through STUNT! Every signature brings us one step closer to our goal to provide more opportunities for female athletes across the country.

 We'd love to help more colleges bring this exciting new sport to their campus at the Varsity sport and/or Club level. Please contact us to find out how easy it is to get your team involved next season.

Katrina Wireman
College STUNT Director
STUNT - High School & YOUTH
STUNT is exploding across the country for High School and now YOUTH! Find out about starting STUNT in your area for the spring of 2020! Contact Bill Ahern at

Bill Ahern
High School STUNT Director
College Recruiting Combines
Connecting college coaches with athletes across the country!
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Safety & Education
USA Cheer announces the first ever comprehensive safety rules course!  

Unlike other rules training that primarily reviews new rules, this 4-part course covers the entire spectrum of the high school cheerleading rules. There are two courses available, with one geared towards coaches and another with additional fifth training section for rules officials. 

The course is developed by the USA Cheer rules committee and is designed to be compatible with both the USA Cheer and NFHS safety rules, and should serve as the foundation for rules understanding for any cheerleading coach or choreographer.

The course will be updated each year, along with a “new rules” add-on for coaches who have completed the comprehensive training. 

For more information, and to complete the USA Cheer Safety Rules Course, click below and select "Responsibilities and General Rules (Part 1)" from the "HS Rules" section. 

*Membership renewals opening up next week! New YOUTH/REC memberships along with athlete and coach memberships available!

Jim Lord
Safety and Education
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