The CIVICUS Monitor, a global research collaboration that rates fundamental freedoms in 196 countries, downgraded the United States’ rating from “Narrowed” to “Obstructed.” Read the full story at C&SN News. (December 8)

The letter states a temporary general license is needed because, “The pandemic has laid bare the ways in which our broad application of sanctions is undermining public health systems.” Read more at C&SN News. (December 10)

Despite setbacks for human rights, including use of emergency powers to suppress civil society, there are promising signs that multilateral organizations are beginning to address the disconnect between counterterrorism measures and humanitarian and human rights obligations. Read the latest C&SN Blog. (December 10)

While C&SN takes no position on BDS itself, we believe this is an effort to weaponize and politicize programs and organizations engaged in legal activities and in the case of U.S. persons, actions protected by the First Amendment. Read the full statement at C&SN News. (December 10)