February | 2023
USA Gymnastics sanctioned events have minimum medical personnel requirements based on the athlete levels and numbers participating in your event. It is the responsibility of the Event Director to secure the necessary medical personnel for each sanction. Failure to do so can result in a sanction violation per your discipline's rules and policies. To review the minimum medical personnel requirements specific to your discipline, view your respective Rules & Policies. 

The medical personnel secured for your event, either independently contracted or through a third-party medical vendor, must have the necessary membership and requirements completed in order to be on the floor of a USAG sanctioned event. Click here to view the professional photography, video and medical personnel requirements at sanctioned events policy in detail.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What should I do if my scheduled medical personnel is no longer available?
A: Hosting a meet without medical providers that meet the requirements will result in a sanction violation. Often, contracting with an EMS provider, local hospital or health system, or other third-party vendor can provide some level of security as there is generally a contract clause that requires the third-party vendor to provide a replacement staff member if the staff member assigned to the contract is unable to fulfil their responsibilities. 

Q: Can I substitute my planned medical personnel for an individual that doesn’t meet some of the requirements (ie; SafeSport, background check, or a lower level medical provider than what is required for the competition level)?
A: No, hosting a meet without medical providers that meet the requirements will result in a sanction violation. When contracting with a third-party vendor who is providing emergency services only (i.e. not providing any icing, taping, or massage), the providers are not required to have SafeSport training or a background check consistent with the USAG policy. Click here to view membership requirements for independent medical providers and third-party medical vendors.

Q: What happens if the person I’ve hired does not have the certifications listed in the R&P?
A: The R&P’s allow for other medical providers who do not have specific certifications, providing they have the required training and expertise necessary for the level of the event. Click the links above to view your discipline’s Rules & Policies regarding medical personnel requirements. 
Q: Are medical personnel covered by sanctioned event insurance?
A: No, sanction event insurance does not include medical liability coverage. Medical personnel should carry their own medical malpractice insurance. If you contract with a third-party provider, the employer should provide this coverage for the medical personnel they provide.

Q: What is the difference between emergency medical staff and medical staff who conduct massaging, icing and taping?
A: Emergency personnel at a meet provide onsite emergency response and may not conduct standardized massaging, icing or taping services of any kind. According to the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy, emergency personnel such as EMTs, are not considered to have regular contact or authority over minor athletes. Medical staff who perform massaging, icing, and taping services are considered to have regular contact and authority over minor athletes and, as such, must be background checked and Safe Sport trained. 

Q: Can a coach who is also a licensed medical provider provide medical care at a meet?
A: No, it is against Safe Sport policy for a coach to offer massaging, icing or taping services at an event where they are coaching or have athletes directly involved. They may perform such services at an event where they are not involved as a coach, provided they follow all medical protocol for event staff.
Meet Reservation is a requirement for all USA Gymnastics sanctioned events. Find step-by-step instructions to use Meet Reservation as an Event Director or sanction administrator here.
Event Directors/sanction administrators must now add judges, independent medical providers, volunteers, and photographers/videographers into Meet Reservation to verify their USA Gymnastics memberships. Please note that the use of Meet Reservation does not apply to third-party medical providers. Rather, they must be noted on the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Event Checklist located in your sanction packet. Reference the Meet Reservation How-To Guide for instructions.
  • Note that clubs are not able to reserve these membership types through their club reservation. It is the responsibility of the Event Director to approve who within these membership types is permitted to attend their event and add the individuals into Meet Reservation.
Event Toolkit: USA Gymnastics has created a Sanctioned Event Toolkit to assist Event Directors with the production of their events. The Event Toolkit includes a number of resources such as USA Gymnastics Safe Sport required documents, signage, voice recordings, and more. 
  • Find general information regarding sanctioned events here.
Supporting Injured Gymnasts' Mental Health: Following any injury, no matter the severity, a gymnast can experience expected emotional responses, such as sadness, self-isolation, anger, worry, frustration, decreased motivation, difficulty concentrating, or changes in appetite. Click here to learn how coaches, parents and teammates can help the injured athlete during this time.

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is February 27-March 5: Did you know that gymnasts are at a higher risk for eating disorders compared to athletes in other sports? Check out this article to learn how you can encourage your athletes to develop a healthy body image. The USOPC has shared this helpful resource to ensure that your athletes are fueling properly and consuming the necessary nutrients. To learn more about eating disorders, treatment and how you can offer support, click here.
Safe Sport Protocol for Sanctioned Events Reminder: Event Participants who have regular contact with or authority over minor athletes must receive or be given access to the Event Staff Safe Sport Mandate Informational Letter prior to participating in the event. 
It is the Event Director's responsibility to provide this information to all non-member and/or day-of Participants including, but not limited to, volunteers and professionals whose job functions include medical care, photography, and security and who were not previously registered or are not active members of USA Gymnastics. A meet director can send the letter via email before the event or have copies onsite. 
The Event Staff Safe Sport Informational Letter can be accessed with the QR code and placed in registration or check-in areas. Attendees who are not members of USA Gymnastics and individuals who are not considered high-access volunteers should be asked to scan the QR code with their phone before accessing the competition area.
As you conduct your sanctioned meets this season, remember that you must follow the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Protocol for Sanctioned and Premier Events.
Reporting: Adult Participants have a duty to report misconduct or child abuse as defined by the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy and SafeSport Code for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement 
  • Report sexual misconduct or child abuse immediately to law enforcement and to the U.S. Center for SafeSport (the Center) here or by calling 833.587.7233. 
  • Report emotional misconduct, physical misconduct, or other violations of USAG's Safe Sport Policy or MAAPP Prevention Policies to USA Gymnastics here.
  • If prohibited conduct has occurred at an Olympic or Paralympic Training Center (OPTC) or any third-party sponsored event in which the USOPC sends a delegation, promptly report to the USOPC Security & Athlete Safety Office here or by calling 719.866.3869.
For questions, please contact usagymsafesport@usagym.org.