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April 2019
Library Resources & Events
The Entire Campus Community is Invited to a Day of Learning with Joshua Burford of invisible Histories Project
The Doy Leale McCall Rare Book and Manuscript Library is sponsoring a special visit from Joshua Burford, Director of Community Engagement for invisible Histories Project.  The invisible Histories Project acts to connect Queer communities and local repositories for the preservation of the history of LGBTQ life throughout the American South. The archives will preserve, collect, and protect the living history of the diversity of the Queer community and experiences both urban and rural. iHP is a community-driven project that seeks to engage Southern Queer people, local universities, libraries, and archives in the process of protecting the vanishing LGBTQ history of our region.

The events of the day - April 11 - will include: 
11:00 am - Student round table in Marx Library Gallery 181
Refreshments provided!
2:00 pm - Film screening of OUT IN ALABAMA and talkback
with Josh in Marx Library Auditorium.
Mobile Artist + Singer/Songwriter Abe Partridge to Hold a Free Concert in the Marx Library Auditorium
Abe Partridge is a former Baptist preacher who accepted a pastorate at 25 and then left after a near nervous breakdown at 27. He joined the US Air Force and is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Now in his well-seasoned mid-30s, he has begun to share his story through his music. Abe performs his songs like an old-time preacher gone mad - with all the soul he can muster. He is a poet, not afraid to tackle any subject. He does not attempt at pop stardom or radio play - just delivers somber stories with a burning message that demand an honest hearing. Learn more about Abe at
Abe will be performing a conc ert in the Marx Library Auditorium on April 25th, at 4 pm, followed by an Art Talk and Reception in the Mary Elizabeth & Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art. You can see his artwork in the Rodning Gallery until the end of April 2019. Events are free and open to the public.
Deborah Gurt, Processing and Digital Archivist, attends the QHS Conference at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham
Processing and Digital Archivist, Deborah Gurt, attended the inaugural Queer History South Conference in Birmingham March 28-29 where she met archivists, historians, and activists from around the region who are working to collect and preserve the history of Queer communities in the American South. This lively and challenging series of events addressed problems and successes happening across the country, including utilizing inclusive cataloging practices, promoting the integration LGBTQ history in classrooms, and the need to reach out to LGBTQ communities of color and elders.
University of South Alabama Libraries to work with the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress
On March 25, The McCall Library hosted a planning meeting for a team initiating work on a series of oral history interviews for the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress. Bob Wagner, a community member who conducted a similar project in St. Louis, will launch a new round of interviews here in Mobile, including the University of South Alabama student veterans. USA Coordinator of Veteran's Affairs, Joshua Missouri will help manage the project, and the McCall Library will archive interviews on campus. All veterans are invited to participate.
Rachel Fenske, Paula Webb and Shelia Ross inform Catholic Social Services Senior Ministry about Stroke Awareness
The Catholic Social Services Senior Ministry provided a wealth of information to the senior community on Stroke Awareness and Prevention with a workshop presented by USA Librarians Rachel Fenske and Paula Webb and USA Stroke Coordinator and Registered Nurse, Shelia Ross. 
The two-hour workshop on March 21 informed the audience of the signs and symptoms of a stroke, stroke prevention, and stroke rehabilitation. Access to quality stroke resources from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the American Stroke Association was discussed with ipads available for participants to familiarize themselves with the NLM database, MedlinePlus. 
A session was led by the USA Stroke Coordinator who offered specific medical information on strokes along with local hospital expertise. A very engaging and attentive group received valuable information on how to spot someone who is having a stroke and what to do when this occurs.  
Abe Partridge Exhibit
March/April 2019
Mary Elizabeth and Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art

Abe Partridge Concert
April 25th @ 4 pm
Marx Library Auditorium
Reception & Art Talk Following in the Rodning Gallery
Trey Oliver Exhibit
March/April 2019
Gallery Hall
I've Been to the Mountain Top Exhibit
Portraits of Civil Rights Activists
March/April 2019
2nd Floor Student Gallery
MuffinJaw Designs - Tres Johns Exhibit
Glass Artist
March/April 2019
Mary Elizabeth and Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art
In Print
Work by Intermediate and Advanced Printmaking Students
May/June 2019
Gallery Hall
Memor - Mobilia:
A Diverse Look at our City on the Bay
Mobile Arts Association
Mary Elizabeth & Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art
May/June 2019
Reception to be held May 23rd at 6 pm in the Rodning Gallery
Essence in Frame:
Exploration of the Charcoal Spirit
Zak Todd
May/June 2019
2nd Floor Student Gallery