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June 2020
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USA Libraries Starts Curbside Pickup for Faculty
Dr. Philip Habel used the USA Libraries Curbside Pickup! We are now offering to all faculty curbside pickup for physical materials available at the Marx, Baugh Biomedical, and Mitchell College of Business Libraries.

The Marx Library will serve as the distribution point for all library materials.

The steps for requesting materials are as follows:
1. Please obtain permission from your dean/department chair to be on campus to pick up materials.
2. Search the SouthCat catalog at  to ensure we have the item(s) you need. 
3. Fill out the request form located here:
3. The Libraries will process your request and then contact you via email to schedule an appointment time for curbside pickup.
4. Please allow 24 hours for processing. 
McCall Library Partners with David Matthews Center for Civic Learning
The McCall Library is happy to announce its partnership with the USA Honors College in the project "Immersive Civic Learning through Local and Community History: Emerging University Scholars and the Communities of Southern Alabama," funded by the David Matthews Center for Civic Learning for 2020-21. This project will fund a yearlong immersive learning experience for a group of undergraduate interns to engage in community-engaged scholarship.
Vicki Tate, Head of Government Documents, Joins the Depository Library Council
The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) Director, Hugh Nathaniel Halpern, announced the appointment of five new members of the Depository Library Council (DLC), each of whom serves a three-year term. The DLC is an advisory body that provides advice to the Director of the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) on matters pertaining to future trends and concepts in libraries, and information dissemination and access, particularly as they relate to the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP).    Among those new members is USA Librarian, Vicki Tate, the head of the Government Documents & Serials Department in the Marx Library.  Ms. Tate has been the Federal Depository Library Coordinator for the USA Libraries since 1995, recently overseeing the 50th anniversary of the Marx Library being a member of the FDLP.  
Ms. Tate has over 30 years of experience in the field of government information in an academic setting. She has been a strong advocate of access to government information in all formats. At numerous professional meetings, she has presented workshops on finding fugitive federal government documents and using LibGuides to promote government information. She is an active member of the American Library Association's (ALA) Government Documents Round Table (GODORT), serving in various capacities including Bylaws Coordinator, GODORT Archivist, and Notable Documents Panelist. She is also one of the longest-serving moderators for GOVDOC-L, a national discussion forum for Government information.
Want to know more about #BlackLivesMatter?
Seeking to educate yourself on  #BlackLivesMatter  and race relations? The Marx Library has collected some of our best books and resources in a libguide, which you can find at .
Learn about the history of LGBTQ life in Alabama and the Southeast in interviews done by McCall Library partner @ invisiblehistoriesproject
Visit  to watch now.
For a list of temporarily available resources, see COVID-19 Temporarily Available Collections.

For information about resources designed for clinicians, see COVID-19 Resources for Clinicians.
Temporarily Available Resources
In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many library and textbook vendors have been either expanding access to subscriptions already owned by libraries, or they've been making their resources available to libraries for free for a limited time. Some of these resources require you to create a free account to access them.

Available resources include textbooks, streaming video, databases, journal content, reference material, course material, and a data visualization tool.
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