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USA eNews 01/31/2014

40 years in radio and TV broadcasting. USA's E.D. Craig Beeby was asked to detail some of his experiences for the new managers in the system. The USA has a wealth of resources and Beeby is one of those assets. "To dream alone is only a dream, but to dream together is to create reality." Beeby prefers to celebrate by putting others in front. "A leader gains respect & loyalty from those he credits." He feels fortunate to have worked with so many talented and dedicated professionals. Here is a brief glimpse at his experiences and successes with the help of others.
USA E.D. June 2007 to Present
Craig Beeby
Craig Beeby
Executive Dir.
Craig became the founding President of the USA in 2001 and the USA E.D. in 2007. A broadcast consultant and trainer on the international and national levels, he has two degrees in Radio-TV-Film Sales and Management and Mass Communications. In the past 6.5 years the USA E.D. has helped with over 2,285 TV & Radio station consultations and training initiatives. Craig acknowledges USA founding Executive Director Linda Carr as the true visionary who willed the USA into existence.
Network Creation
2004 Craig Beeby Tower Construction
Created Statewide Radio Network
2004 - 2005, Beeby guided the efforts of Oklahoma State University's KOSU to build a new 1,110-ft tower and High Definition broadcast facility serving more than 1.3 million listeners in  Oklahoma. This was one of the first Public Radio Capital endeavors to assist stations. As part of the same multifaceted project, PRC and KOSU teamed to purchase a commercial radio station and converted it to a noncommercial public station. The 2 stations allowed KOSU to become not only a statewide network but a multi-state regional resource. KOSU's Chief Engineer Dan Schroeder was a kingpin in this effort.
Honored at National Press Club
Craig Beeby Carrie Hulsey Kelly Burley
In 2002, KOSU won the Scripps Howard Foundation's Jack R. Howard Award trophy for its 2001 continuing coverage of the plane crash that killed ten members of the OSU basketball program. KOSU General Manager Craig Beeby, Program Director Kelly Burley and News Director Carrie Hulsey received the Excellence in Electronic Media award during a dinner April 12, 2002, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.   Award Video
Trained Top TV & Radio Managers in Albania
Beeby in Albania
In 1998, the International Center for Journalists invited Craig to be part of a 3-person team to train the top TV & radio broadcasters in Albania. The 3-week on-site training took place in 1998. The top 7 Albanian broadcasters were invited to the US for an additional 3 weeks of training. This video recorded in 1998 includes an interview with Beeby (General Manager of Oklahoma Public Radio at the time) describing his experiences through a radio interview led by KOSU's Paula Price.  Albania Video
Winning Equivalent of "Pulitzer"
duPont Columbia Award
OSU VP Dick Poole Craig Beeby
Don Hoover
OSU Pres. L Boger
In 1985, KOSU received the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Broadcast Journalism Award in New York City before a national Television audience. This award is considered the "Pulitzer Prize" for broadcast journalism. "Selling the Public Spectrum" ... It was the first time since 1946 an Oklahoma radio station had won the award ... First time in 43 year history a university radio station had won ... First time a student-produced entry won. Jenifer Reynolds was the student reporter. Beeby suggested the story idea to News Director Don Hoover who then assigned the story to Reynolds. Chief Engineer helped with critical technical assistance.
Favorite Tweets by Craig
"Trust is required to earn independence. Independence is achieved through convictions with integrity."

"Like what you do. Say it and mean it. Have fun at work. It nurtures positive interactions & outcomes."

Craig Beeby
USA Executive Director
(405) 624-1192

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