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Monthly Update: August 2019
International Youth Day 2019: Young Leaders Envision a Brighter Future in Europe & Eurasia

This spring on the bank of Lake Ohrid in North Macedonia, I spent time with over 40 young political and civic leaders from across Europe and Eurasia. They came from different countries, different political parties (some directly opposed to one another), and different points of view. Before this meeting, I believe some of them probably could not imagine working side-by-side with the other attendees.

And yet, after a week-long, USAID-supported boot camp designed to bolster their skills as young advocates for democracy, their views of each other were transformed. As the inaugural members of the European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN) , the group came to see that the only way to solve the problems their generation faces, both within their home countries and across the region, is to reach out to those who see the world in a different way.

In my view, young leaders like the members of the European Democracy Youth Network present our surest path toward building a brighter, more prosperous, and democratic future. In commemoration of International Youth Day , I sat down with EDYN President Juela Hamati to discuss her vision for the young leaders of EDYN and to hear firsthand how USAID can best support them.
Developing Future Leaders of Kosovo Through Higher Education Partnerships
The Transformational Leadership Program

As a young, independent Balkan nation working toward integration to the European Union, reforming public administration and education systems is a top priority for Kosovo. Over the last five years, USAID has supported these priorities through the Transformational Leadership Program (TLP). The TLP’s goal has been to develop a group of leaders who can support Kosovo’s journey to self-reliance by driving significant economic, political, and social change. Through TLP's partnership with four American universities -- Arizona State University Indiana University University of Minnesota , and  Dartmouth College , Kosovo's best and brightest have had access to technical courses, academic exchange, civic participation, and institution building activities that will equip them to help lead Kosovo's ongoing development journey.
Youth Spotlight: Junior Achievement Program Empowers Young Entrepreneurs Across E&E

USAID is preparing a generation of young people across Europe & Eurasia to become future business leaders by equipping them with the technical and soft skills they need to compete, create and innovate. At the latest entrepreneurial competition, teams from across the region showcased their creativity and ingenuity. Don't miss it!
Youth Spotlight: Ukraine

Young people from isolated communities in eastern Ukraine have a new understanding of the spirit of democracy: inclusion, accountability, advocacy and civic activism. After spending five days with a cohort of young changemakers from their region through USAID's Youth Forum, these young people pledged to take on challenges within their own communities and to become changemakers themselves.

Youth Spotlight: BIH

Last year, ten young Bosnian leaders from across BIH starred in
re:Generation , a documentary that follows them as they embark upon a journey to learn more about each other’s stories and exchange perspectives on the country’s conflict-ridden past with each other, government and civil society leaders, and war survivors. But their effort didn't end with the film's debut; these young leaders have become Reconciliation Ambassadors -- bringing their message to communities throughout BIH and the world.
Youth Spotlight: Kosovo

USAID Kosovo is celebrating the Kosovars behind their country's Journey to Self-reliance through a campaign called Kosovo: My Country, Our Journey.

The campaign also engages young change-makers. To celebrate International Youth Day, USAID kicked off a new series of mural painting events called Imagine Kosovo . Working alongside professional artists, youth in rural municipalities will design and create murals that depict their vision of Kosovo in the future.