USAID Europe & Eurasia
Monthly Update: July 2017
New: Countering Malign Kremlin Influence Development Framework (CMKI)

"Liberty and democracy emerged in Europe and Eurasia only after remarkable acts of physical and moral courage. From D-Day, to tearing down the wall, from solidarity to the Baltics human chain, CMKI honors all of these heroes for what they fought for: human dignity, private enterprise, and free markets, citizen responsive governance lifting lives, building communities, creating hope" - Administrator Mark Green
Countering Malign Kremlin Influence (CMKI) is Good for the Russian People

"USAID’s new Countering Malign Kremlin Influence framework can be a source of support and inspiration to millions of Russians who hunger for the liberty that underlies basic human dignity. By emphasizing the Kremlin instead of Russia, we are telling the Russian people that the United States and the free world support their call for a democratic government, free of cronyism and corruption" - Assistant Administrator Bierman
USAID M ission Spotlight: North Macedonia

As USAID works toward supporting North Macedonia’s greater self-reliance, identifying new financial products accessible to micro, small and medium-sized businesses is a critical link. USAID North Macedonia’s partnership with the Macedonian Stock Exchange and Funderbeam demonstrates how building a strong financial services industry can contribute to a growing economy, and, ultimately, North Macedonia’s ability to independently identify, plan for and implement solutions to its own development challenges, the central goal of self-reliance.  
Historic Milestone: Chernobyl

A decades-long global response to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster culminated July 10, with the historic handover to Ukraine of the finished containment structure.
Pioneers: Bringing Raspberry to North Macedonia

North Macedonia’s farmers are switching to this cash crop, and with USAID assistance, are catalyzing economic growth.
Tourism in Georgia: Tapping a Rich History & Culture

The International Festival of Traditional Crafts Workshops shows attracts visitors from the world over by showcasing Georgia's unique cultural heritage. Visitors learn traditional crafting skills and help boost the Georgian economy.
Youth Spotlight: EDYN

Representing Serbia on the EDYN Leadership Council, Aleksandar Savic shares his experience advocating for LGBTQ rights and working to bring together youth from across the Balkans to remember and reconcile with the region's violent history.