Happy Earth Day. Though the annual commemoration is 51 years old this year, it has never been more timely—and urgent. Protecting the planet we call home is a global priority. Today, President Biden kicked off a Leaders Summit on Climate with 40 other heads of state. This event makes clear that USAID’s continued mission to help vulnerable countries cope with unavoidable climate impacts remains vital.
News & Events
USAID increased efforts to combat irregular migration from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras into the United States. We provided aid to the people of Ethiopia, South Sudan, and St. Vincent. And, the Agency sends well wishes to those celebrating Ramadan.
Digital Feature
Get inspired! Meet five young African leaders addressing climate change—from youth engagement to community education to upcycling materials into eco-friendly products. USAID joins with them to tackle the environmental crises that threaten our world.
Collaborating with USAID
There won’t be a post-pandemic “return to normal” until there is comprehensive global vaccine distribution. Accelerating access to those vaccines for 92 lower-income countries was central to last week’s event co-hosted by USAID and GAVI
Did You Know?
USAID has helped improve clean energy access for 5 million people in India, mobilized billions of dollars in private sector investments, and partnered with 22 states in India to help deploy renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies.
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