USAID is and has always been a critical part of the United States' national security. During the Concordia Summit, an event that coincides with the UN General Assembly's activities this week, Acting Administrator John Barsa gave the speech “Foreign Assistance is National Security,” taking the opportunity to look back at USAID’s roots as well as the way forward.
News & Events
The Library of Congress selected USAID’s Pakistan Reading Project as 2020’s International Literacy Program of the Year. The Agency also announced four new partnerships under Feed the Future, the U.S. Government's global hunger and food-security initiative.
Digital Feature
Reforestation is a national priority in Madagascar. And the country’s youth are doing their part by growing 24,000 seedlings to help restore protected areas after years of burning. In “Back from the Ashes” see how they’re succeeding.
Collaborating with USAID
The new Center for Applied Research and Innovation in Supply Chain-Africa is addressing barriers to development caused by inefficient and ineffective supply chains, especially in health and agriculture. Click below to learn how USAID supports this work.
Did You Know?
Social media influencers are some of USAID’s most enterprising democracy heroes. On this year’s International Day of Democracy, we recognized people who advocate for freedom and human rights around the world including a celebrity you may know.
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