November 1st, 2020 Vending Technology News
By Jeff Adair, Editor

USA Technologies is rolling out a new ePort G10-Chip reader which provides enhanced fraud security by accepting both contact EMV chip cards and contactless EMV (tap) payment methods. The company has also completed a free over-the-air upgrade to its ePort G10-S to enable acceptance of contactless EMV payments. The enhancements were started in February, prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, enabling operators to offer consumers more ways to pay via cashless and contactless methods. 

The reader will function with the existing G10 telemeter and will report into USA Live or Seed just like a G10-S reader. 

The new cashless reader is not meant to replace the G10-S for most operators.  

The free over-the-air upgrade of the G10-S EMV enables contactless EMV payments to the majority of existing connected readers. Newer G10 units bundled with the Vendi version of the reader were also compatible with this upgrade, however, non-Vendi readers were not compatible, so have not been upgraded. The device upgrading was rolled out over cellular networks, without the need of a tech on premise, and over 250,000 devices have already received the free over-the-air-upgrade. 

Nutrimeals, a Canadian start up, has been hard at work with creating automated kiosks which serve freshly-prepared meals. The Nutrimeals automated kiosk vending machine offers a wide variety of healthy, well–portioned menu options ranging from traditional favorites such as shepherd’s pie, to beef taco bowls.

Meal production begins with the freshest ingredients and are hand prepared in their commercial kitchen. Each kiosk is loaded with a wide variety of meals that are carefully thought out to cater to many different dietary preferences and pallets, including but not limited to: vegetarian, gluten free, Keto, etc. The company’s menu rotates frequently allowing customers to select a wide range of tastes and textures. 

Foley FoodService, a vending operator based in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, was able to grow their business by 19% since its partnership with PayRangeWhen Steve Foley, owner of Foley FoodService was contacted by PayRange in 2015, the company’s machines were unable to accept mobile payments, which Foley said was costing the company business. Foley operates vending machines, micro markets and office coffee solutions in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

At the time, smartphone use in the United States was accelerating at a fast pace, even more than today, and most companies on the East Coast were looking for vending operators that could accept mobile payments because most employees were doing everything from their smartphones. 

“Every time someone buys into it, it’s 8, 9, 10, 12, uses over a week or a month. You can easily double and triple the sales of the existing customers,” Foley said. “We’ve included PayRange in every single available machine that we can put it on, and on any new installs that go out,” Foley added. 

With the covid virus forcing more operators to either retrofit or repair machines to meet today’s needs, operators are groping to find sources for those services. One such company helping operators in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware is VendMedic. Having vending machines, parts and solutions all in one place means an operator saves time and money by not having to call around for solution.

A True ‘One Stop Shop’ For Vending Operators

In today’s world, finding a company that can do it all is a challenge for every vending company because it usually requires an operator to make multiple calls, and contact more than one company, to find the parts or solutions that they need. 
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