June 15, 2022

USCCB Urges Congress to Pass Strengthened Child Tax Credit
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is urging Catholics to contact their members of Congress and ask that they pass a strengthened Child Tax Credit, which has been shown to increase family stability and child welfare.

Last year, more than 36 million families received a monthly payment through the expanded Child Tax Credit program. The expanded credit proved to be extremely effective at reducing child poverty, lifting 3.7 million children above the poverty line. Unfortunately, the expansions expired at the end of the year. The current credit is not structured to serve the children who need it the most. The poorest children are not eligible to receive the full value of the credit because their parents don’t earn enough money. Ask Congress to act now to support families most in need by strengthening the Child Tax Credit, including by making it fully refundable so that the full credit is available to the lowest-income families.

You can read the most recent USCCB letter advocating for an improved Child Tax Credit here.
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Thank you for helping children and families.