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October 5, 2020

Help Stop Mail-Order Abortion Pills
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is urging Catholics to contact their Members of Congress, asking that they sign on to “The Support and Value Expectant (SAVE) Moms & Babies Act” (H.R. 4399 / S. 3072), which could help improve regulation of chemical abortion pills. 

The Act would codify current FDA (Food and Drug Administration) safety regulations requiring physicians to dispense the pills, prevent providers from dispensing these drugs remotely, by mail, or via tele-medicine, and prevent the (FDA) from approving new chemical abortion drugs or from making labeling changes to existing abortion drugs.

Although the national abortion rate has declined by 8 percent from 2014, the use of the abortion pill, or chemical abortion, now accounts for 39 percent of all abortions—up from 29 percent in 2014. The abortion lobby views chemical abortion as the future of the abortion industry and is working hard to make it easier to obtain.
The chemical abortion pill, Mifeprex, has a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) label on it by the FDA, indicating it is a dangerous drug with known serious risks. Chemical abortions, when compared to surgical abortions, have a higher complication rate and result in a higher rate of emergency room visits. 

If the REMS requirements are removed, as the abortion industry is seeking to do, patients won’t need ultrasound or medical examination before receiving this drug, and a single health care provider could mail out chemical abortion pills to women and young girls across the country, bypassing protections like parental involvement, waiting periods, and informed consent.

For more information, watch Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith explain the need for her bill starting at 6:43:55.

Please urge your Senators and Representative to co-sponsor and work to enact S. 3072 or H.R. 4399, or thank them if they have already done so. Click on the bill numbers above to view current co-sponsors.

To send your message, please click below: 
Thank you for helping to protect women and their unborn children!