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USCIS expands I-140 premium
processing to final phase
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) has implemented the final phase of the premium processing expansion for I-140 petitions.

Beginning January 30, 2023, the USCIS will accept premium processing requests for:

  • All pending E13 multinational executive and manager petitions and E21 NIW petitions; and
  • All initial E13 multinational executive and manager petitions and E21 NIW petitions.

So, as of January 30, 2023, all I-140 petitions, whether pending or newly filed will be eligible for premium processing. USCIS has 45 days to take an action on an
I-140 petition filed under E13 (multinational executive/manager) or E21 (National Interest Waiver).

All other classifications of I-140s filed under premium processing must be adjudicated by the USCIS within 15 days. These include:

  • E11 Extraordinary Ability
  • E12 Outstanding Researchers/Professors
  • E21 Professionals with advanced degrees
  • E31 Skilled workers
  • E32 Professionals
USCIS will also adhere to the legislative requirement that the expansion of premium processing must not cause an increase in processing times petitions not requesting premium processing.

To date, the premium processing expansion has not yet been implemented for I-539 and I-765 applications.
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