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USCIS furloughs are only days away. Contact Congress.

We are just days away from the immigration system coming to a grinding halt. USCIS plans to furlough approximately 13,000 employees (nearly 70 percent of its workforce) on August 30th if it does not receive a $1.2 billion bailout from Congress. This is despite the fact that recent reports indicate that they do not need this bailout. 

Per a recent letter from Senator Leahy (D-VT), USCIS is projected to have the financial means to pay its employees through the end this fiscal year, which is 9/30/2020, and still have a sizable carryover.

These unnecessary furloughs will result not only in the loss of employment for thousands of U.S. workers in the middle of a global pandemic, but will bring our nation's immigration system to a grinding halt and worsen the crisis-level processing delays at USCIS.

If USCIS operations are important to your business, I urge you to contact your congressional representatives and let them know.  I'm attaching a  that can be used for this purpose. Please contact them this week.

This immigration alert is being sent only to company representatives. 
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