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International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day
International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day
September 29 marks the first-ever International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day. The observance is organized by The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a United Nations agency that leads international efforts to defeat hunger. To recognize the occasion, USDA shares some of its recent resources on the topic. Follow the conversation on Twitter @FAONorthAmerica with the hashtag #FLWDay.  

Latest blog from USDA Food Loss and Waste Liaison Jean Buzby

USDA’s Food Loss and Waste Liaison Jean Buzby has been busy coordinating efforts with our interagency partners at the Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration. Her latest blog shows some of FAO’s food waste awareness-raising messages. Among them, the COVID-19 pandemic highlights that we now have an opportunity to rethink the way in which we produce, handle and waste food. Read more.

FoodKeeper App

USDA’s FoodKeeper app provides guidance on safe handling, preparation, and storage of more than 650 food and beverage items. With the app, you can track storage times for different foods, learn cooking tips, and get safety recall alerts. Users can set up calendar reminders for when products are nearing their recommended storage date. The app is available free for download and via desktop at

Business Incentives to Donate Food

Businesses that have excess inventory of wholesome food can donate it to hunger relief organizations, such as food banks, food pantries, and community-based organizations, to help families in need. Learn more about federal government provisions that encourage the donation of wholesome food to those in need. Another blog details which organizations are eligible to donate under the Good Samaritan Act.

Innovation Nation
Did you know that each dollar invested in agricultural research results in $20 of economic impact? At USDA’s Agriculture Research Service (ARS), 2019 ARS Distinguished Senior Research Scientist of the Year Tara McHugh has developed multiple “value-added products” — such as fruit bars and vegetable crisps — from food processing waste.