USDA Foods Usage while operating SFSP/SSO
USDA has clarified that schools currently participating in USDA Foods and DOD Fresh are able to utilize those foods if the school decides to transition to the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) or Seamless Summer Option (SSO). Schools should monitor orders and ensure that scheduled deliveries will be received and utilized based on the number of planned meals that will be served for the SFSP/SSO. Schools may cancel orders in order to avoid storage or delivery charges for foods that cannot be used at this time.

´╗┐The Surplus Catalog in myFOODS is open and has a variety of materials from the Beans, Dairy, Fruits, Meat, Peanut/Sunflower, Poultry, and Veg/Fruit Juice categories. Please note that you do not need remaining entitlement to request surplus and you can only make one request per day, per site.

How to Participate in USDA Foods When Transitioning to SFSP/SSO
Schools already participating in USDA Foods
There will be no change in how schools utilize their USDA Foods if they choose to transition to SFSP/SSO. 

Schools not yet participating in USDA Foods
Schools may apply to participate in USDA Foods before or after deciding to transition to the SFSP or SSO. School Food Authorities will need to email the USDA Foods inbox at, or call the USDA Foods program at (602) 542-8700, Option 3 to get started.
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