USDOT Large Truck Fatality Data released today show ELDs are killing more people, not saving lives at promised by FMCSA

Breaking News:
As SBTC predicted in 2018, USDOT reported today that large truck fatalities have increased 0.9% in 2018 on top of the 2017 4.9% increase (previously reported at 9% but revised--
are they now skewing the data to hide hot shot trucking deaths and reduce the stats?).

Don't be fooled by USDOT's spin in the article heading. We believe this upward trend in fatalities is due to
Speeding Speeding Speeding
induced by ELDs.

Where are the lives saved by ELDs
promised by FMCSA, Madam Secretary?

Please note they waited until the day after the Hours of Service comment period ended to release these data.

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