Second USE-iT and FOX stakeholder workshop on cross-modal transport challenges and opportunities

2nd stakeholder workshop on cross-modal transport infrastructures
Click here to  register for the second USE-iT and FOX project's workshop on cross-modal transport challenges and opportunities, to be held on 15th September 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.
At this event, stakeholders are invited to participate in group discussions on new areas of research and steps towards implementation on topics such as safety and security, energy/carbon, construction, recycling and re-use, maintenance and others. More details will follow shortly. For more information or questions, contact

Eighth issue of FEHRL Infrastructure Reseach Magazine (FIRM8) includes update on USE-iT and FOX projects
Click here to take a look at the eighth issue of the FEHRL Infrastructure Research magazine (FIRM), which is in the process of being printed and will shortly be distributed in hard copy to FEHRL members and key transport infrastructure stakeholders.
This eighth issue gives an update on the FOX and USE-iT projects on pages 8-10, as well as an overview of FEHRL at the sixth Transport Research Arena (TRA2016), held in Warsaw, Poland from 18th-21st April 2016, including the FOX, USE-iT and REFINET Invited session (see article below), on page 6.

USE-iT and FOX webinar held on 30th June 2016
A webinar on the FOX and USE-iT projects was held for some 30 stakeholders to cascade the information given at the invited session on REFINET, FOX and USE-iT on April 20th at TRA 2016 in Warsaw on "Increasing the Performance of Multimodal Transport Infrastructure through stakeholder engagement and European-wide shared vision". The general theme was on how research can respond to the challenges of cross-modal infrastructure.
Initially Adewole Adesiyun of FEHRL outlined the projects and the overall challenge of infrastructure research. The domains (Infrastructure, Technology, Governance and Customers) were explained in relation to the modes (Road, Rail, Air and Water) and how these were closely linked to FEHRL's FORx4 project.
A general overview of the technical areas of each Work Package (WP) was presented. An overview of the FOX project was given by Ursula Blume of BASt and the overview of USE-iT - by Martin Lamb of Maple-Consulting. For each WP, there were a few slides focussing on a specific technology or process, detailing a brief overview of the technology, its current use (by mode) and potential future use, and any specific experience with it. Also, the potential benefits and possible barriers were listed, followed by the research needs. It was explained that there were many technologies that the project had identified, and that the examples were meant to show the process that had been followed.
Finally, Martin Lamb gave an overview of the future activities and timetable on the project and encouraged those present to engage with the project.
Invited Session at TRA2016
The invited session on REFINET, FOX and USE-iT took place on 20th April on "Increasing the Performance of Multimodal Transport Infrastructure through stakeholder engagement and European-wide shared vision". There were about 50 participants and this session was coordinated by FEHRL. Thierry Goger, FEHRL Secretary General, introduced the session and acted as moderator throughout the event. A presentation on REFINET was done by Alain Zarli of CSTB and presentations on FOX and USE-iT by Ewa Zofka of IBDiM, Ursula Blume of BASt and Martin Lamb of Maple-Consulting. The closing of this invited session was done by Jesús Rodríguez of PTEC.
Alain Zarli summarised the REFINET multi-modal transport infrastructure model, developed from the documents of different Technology Platforms and other Associations, effort that was coordinated by Tecnalia. CSTB also presented the work under progress on the collection of best practices and analysis of available technologies that is being coordinated by Dragados and Arup.

Ewa Zofka presented an overview of the USE-iT project and Ursula Blume the FOX project, followed by Martin Lamb who outlined the next steps.
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