Second USE-iT and FOX stakeholder webinar to update on progress and state-of-the-art
Join the second USE-iT and FOX webinar in one weeks' time
Register here to the  second FOX and USE-iT webinar on 8th December 2016 from 14:00-15:00 (CET), which aims to brief key stakeholders on the progress of the FOX and USE-iT projects and the state-of-the-art. This link also provides details of the agenda and how to join via GoToMeeting. For more information or questions, contact .

The first webinar was held on 30th June to cascade the information given at the Invited Session at TRA 2016 in Warsaw, Poland on "Increasing the Performance of Multimodal Transport Infrastructure through stakeholder engagement and European-wide shared vision". Click here for more details.
Second stakeholder workshop on cross-modal transport infrastructures held on 15th September
The second USE-iT and FOX stakeholder meeting was held on Thursday 15th September at the Diamant Center in Brussels, Belgium for some 50 stakeholders. The morning session comprised presentations from the project Consortuim about the projects, as well as from Cristina Marolda of the European Commission who outlined their Strategic Transport Research & Innovation Agenda (STRIA). Thierry Goger, FEHRL Secretary General, gave a welcome and overview of the projects and all Work Package (WP) leaders then provided details on their transport concepts developed for the seven areas of Construction, Inspection, Maintenance, Recycling & Reuse, Energy & Carbon, Safety & Security and User Information. After lunch and a briefing for the afternoon sessions by Project Officer, Migle Paliukaite, delegates split up and attended twice two parallel sessions where they could give their input to the work carried out within these seven technical areas. Each 90-minute session included:
  • Short introduction about the research area and its respective poster by the moderator
  • Input/feedback from the experts about the challenges and areas
  • Funding allocation - each participant received 10 dots and needed to determine which  areas should be prioritised
  • Brainstorming in groups of 2-3 people about how to put research into practice "From implementation to the main goal' 
  • Wrap up of the session 
Click on the links below to see the following materials from the sessions:
  1. Presentations, posters, handouts and feedback
  2. Photos   
For more information or questions, contact

USE-iT and FOX go down under
As part of the USE-iT and FOX project dissemination activities, FEHRL organised a series of workshops at the 23rd World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS2016) in Melbourne, Australia, in early October 2016.
The congress, attended by about 11,000 participants from all over the world, is a perfect platform to showcase the projects, since automation and ITS are important drivers for the future of the transport systems not only in Europe but also in other areas of the world. Click here for more details on these events, organised by FEHRL with active participation from IBDiM of Poland.
Sister project REFINET also moves forward
As part of the dissemination activities within the sister project Rethinking Future Infrastructures Networks CSA (REFINET), two events have recently been organised -  a workshop in Rome, Italy, on 26th October 2016 and a session at the ECTP conference in Brussels, Belgium, on 17th November 2016.
REFINET Rome workshop.
Project partner D'Appolonia, as REFINET Work Package 4 (WP4), coordinated the organisation of the Rome workshop where Tecnalia presented the Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) including a list of R&I priorities and D'Appolonia presented the deployment of SIP.
This workshop was the occasion to discuss the deployment strategies with a number of experts including infrastructure managers and operators from Italy and Romania. Feedback gathered in dedicated interactive sessions will enable this strategy to be developed and a link made to a effective case study to be used as a pilot to assess its viability and effectiveness.
Transport infrastructure session at ECTP conference.
REFINET aso organised a thematic session at the ECTP conference in collaboration with the ECTP Infrastructures and Mobility (I&M) Committee on " The transport infrastructure of the future". The event was coordinated by PTEC and chaired by Miguel Segarra from Dragados as Chairman of ECTP I&M Committee with Alain Zarli from CSTB as the REFINET Project Coordinator. Two presentations were made on REFINET:

  • Introduction on ECTP I&M strategy and REFINET, by Jesús Rodríguez, Managing Director of PTEC and REFINET Dissemination Manager.
  • REFINET answers to the need for innovation in transport Infrastructures by Clemente Fuggini from D'Appolonia and coordinator of REFINET WP4.
Contact for more details on these events.

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