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Volume 7, Summer 2017
Rising Tides


Climate and the redistribution of life in the sea

Brad Seibel
Marine organisms are affected by increasing temperatures and by declining oxygen and pH levels associated with changes in the global climate.   
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Oceanography Camp for Girls 2017

Girls Camp 2017
The Oceanography Camp for Girls, which held its 25th anniversary last year, has just graduated another class of aspiring scientists and environmentally conscious thinkers.
Girls Inc of Pinellas visits the College of Marine Science

Girls Inc of Pinellas
Over 30 girls, ages 7 to 9, visited the College of Marine Science to interact with the faculty, researchers, and student scientists on campus.
Trace metal chemistry: less is more

Tim Conway
One billion liters of seawater would be required to gather just 25 grams of iron, yet this trace element is essential to every form of life on the planet.

Port St. Petersburg: Marine Exploration Center

Mark Luther
In conjunction with a renovated Port Saint Petersburg, the Marine Exploration Center is set to open by the end of this year.

AGU's Outstanding Reviewers of 2016

Amelia Shevenell and Don Chambers
The American Geophysical Union's (AGU) Publications department recently recognized USF College of Marine Science's Amelia Shevenell and Don Chambers for their peer-reviewed literature in 2016.

RV W.T. Hogarth
The R/V W.T. Hogarth, that will replace FIO's nearly 50-year-old R/V Bellows.  

Mya Breitbart
Towing a plankton net to scoop up fish eggs may be routine, but determining the species is a different matter altogether.

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