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At USGN, October is the month for our regional user conferences. Tomorrow, will have our fourth and final conference in Phoenix, AZ.

Two of the new features that we are releasing this year that have stood out for me are the e-signature tool and look and feel upgrades that are designed to optimize mobile devices.

The USGN solution is almost entirely built using customizable applications created with extremely powerful tool sets. There are tools for almost everything because our corporate customers require that level of capability. The e-signature tool allows our customers to add an original signature block to any existing or future form. People have gotten used to the idea of signing a form or document with their fingertip. It allows a confirmation to be acknowledged, recorded and retrieved at any time in the future. A digital signature offers a level of confirmation that we have never had before in web-based collaborative processes.

On the look and feel side or things, simple and uncluttered is the name of the game, especially when web pages are being delivered to small hand-held devices. USGN does not utilize pre-built apps like those you download from the App Store. Instead we are utilizing web pages that fit the device that you use. In the long run this gives us greater flexibility and customization, easier access and reduces obsolescence. We will show some examples of the look and feel upgrades in our next months’ newsletter. 

See You in Phoenix!

Doug Sperr
USGN Founder & CEO

“USGN is highly customizable. We can change things quickly, gaining oversight over thousands of projects running at one time across various clients.  It is easy and we have thousands of people (employees, clients, vendors, subcontractors) trained to use it." Laurie Collins, COO of Menemsha Solutions.

Q. What are your favorite/ ‘go-to’ features and why?

A. I like the Dashboards – managing by exception or items pending completion. I can look at each Project Manager (PM) in any division to see if anything is needed, I can identify what is pending approvals or an action and how long it has been open. I can clearly identify workload balance - we have over 20 + project managers across the divisions running any number of projects at one time thru various stages...

The last of our 2016 USER Conferences
Happening NOW!

You don't won't want to miss the chance to attend this local event!

Wednesday, October 26 - Phoenix

Hosted by USGN at Culinary Dropout
149 S. Farmer Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281

Conference will run from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

New: USGN E-Signature
USGN has added the ability to capture signatures on any mobile device or desktop using a mouse, stylus or finger.  Individuals can use their mobile devices to easily review material and sign off on work performed, deliveries, or any information similarly to approving a credit card transaction.   E-Signature is a new tool included in USGN's robust toolset, allowing it to be added to any form on USGN's platform.
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