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I am grateful and feel privileged to be the CEO of such an amazing company that provides powerful tools for multi-project development solutions to so many corporations in industries such as; Banks, Retailers, Fitness Services, Restaurants, Builders, Architects and Telecom Services. I am indebted to our clients who have devoted personal resources and wisdom to lead to the vision that makes USGN the successful organization that it is today.  

Presently, USGN has over 20,000 active users with more than 100,000 projects completed.  At USGN we are a family with a highly skilled and motivated team working together to bring value to each and every user. Our clients tell us that USGN powers so many of their mission-critical applications and processes that they can't imagine being without USGN.

As we continue to grow USGN and its multiple tools and services, we are making a commitment to client service.  Justin Wilkins has just been promoted to Director of Implementation and Services where he will lead the company in a direction that capitalizes on our unique ability to provide consultative services to our core markets who are building in a variety of industries throughout the United States.

Looking forward to working with your team in 2016!

Doug Sperr
An Interview With Justin Haasch
Fresh Thyme Farmers Market

"We never could have opened 38 stores in 26 months without the USGN platform. It simply, would never have happened.”  ... says Justin Haasch, Director of Real Estate & Market Research, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market 

An Interview with Justin Haasch, a three year user of USGN's software:   

Q: How does the USGN platform make a difference for Fresh Thyme?   

A: It streamlines the development process and transparency is important. Intellectual capital is stored in a shared space so when employee turnover happens, knowledge is not lost. USGN allows for establishment of a very clear process and helps to control the discipline of adherence….steps must be taken in order to move forward and it regulates the processes.  Today, we don’t have time to babysit to ensure shortcuts are not being taken.  

Q: What are the elements you appreciate the most in the platform?   

A: There are no limits to it.  Whatever you want to create, USGN can make happen to make you do your job better. You are never stuck in a box. The team at USGN is always flexible to our requests and adapts the tool to our specifics. 

Tips & Tricks

You can use USGN’s robust workflow tools  for

multi-tier approvals for your Purchase Order and

Invoice approval process.  Different roles can have

authority to  approve up to a specified amount with

automatic routing for the next level of  approval

based on the PO or Invoice type  and amount.

GridEditor Manages Your Multiple Projects In One Easy View.

Seamlessly manage milestones across multiple projects, in multiple areas, at one time with

USGN’s GridEditor feature. This Multi-Project Platform allows users to:

  • Easily update milestone and project status

  • Instantly filter and sort project details

  • Quickly send date changes and avoid delays

  • Clear views of critical path milestones

  • Automatically update project status based on milestones completed

  • Calculate key project details

  • Create and use schedule templates for your various project types and regions

  • Easily adjust project start and end dates

Robust presentation features of milestones and critical project data in a spreadsheet-like

interface make you look like a star with USGN Global’s customizable features and data

reporting options.

The USGN Learning Center

Monthly Webinar
Using Dashboards with USGN

Wednesday, July 13, 2016
10:00 - 11:00 AM AZT (also PT)

Learn to easily configure and use customized

dashboards for notifications and workflow

across multiple projects.  USGN dashboards

allow you to manage and act on critical tasks

in addition to keeping you informed of your

project's progress.

2016 Annual  USGN
User Conferences

Tuesday, October 4 - Ft Lauderdale

Thursday, October 6 - Milwaukee

Wednesday, October 19 - Irvine

Wednesday, October 26 - Phoenix   

Join our User Conference  Invitation List.

USGN attended ICSC in Las Vegas this past May. The conference is "THE" global show in the shopping center industry with over 1200 exhibitors.  We were able to connect with many of our customers and are now scheduling demos with the many new companies, expressing interest in the USGN platform.  We look forward to ICSC 2017 in San Diego. 

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