Spring 2021 - Issue 1
Transitioning to USI
Welcome to USI! For many of you this transition will be smooth and USI is committed to offering support and resources. For some, there may be things to consider and prepare for to support your transition. Some suggestions are to become aware of transfer shock, take advantage of USI campus resources, and prepare ahead of time for things like textbooks. Early planning supports an easier and lower stress experience when you arrive to campus.

"Transfer Shock"
This describes an initial drop in GPA after a student transfers. The drop may be partly or almost totally a manifestation of the shock experienced in moving from one institutional culture to another. Don't be alarmed by low initial grades, but do take action!

Starting Mid-Year
The first few weeks on campus can be a lonely period, and you may have concerns about forming friendships. When you look around it may seem that everyone else is self-confident and socially successful but - the reality is everyone is having the same concerns. The important thing to remember when meeting new people is to be yourself.
Tips on how to overcome the transition
  • Find and develop a support network - Take advantage of academic coaching, campus resources, and Welcome Back Week activities to get acquainted right away. Make friends in each of your classes, so you have study partners. Get involved in at least one extracurricular right away. The Spring Student Involvement Fair is Wednesday, January 22.

  • Manage your time - USI is a new place with new demands and options; use a planner, review the syllabus, mark important dates and make time to study. Figure out when and where you are most productive to help you complete your work.

  • Monitor your course load and academic performance - Don't try to overdo it your first semester, and take advantage of tutoring or talk to your academic advisor if you're feeling overwhelmed. Visit your professor during office hours.
  • Make sure your basic needs are met - get enough sleep, eat enough food, drink enough water, exercise when you can, keep personal hygiene in mind.

  • Recognize the sources of stress - eliminate unnecessary stress, face stress head-on in a positive manner.

  • Ditch technology for a day - it can truly clear your head!

  • Overcome creative block through self-care - give yourself a cognitive break and just walk away, remove distractions, change your scenery, do something that inspires you.
Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Despite the myth that "all college students drink", according to University data, 73.8% of USI freshmen report NOT drinking when hanging out with friends. USI's policy prohibits alcohol and drugs on campus.

  • Students who choose to drink should do so in a responsible manner. Students are encouraged to eat before and while drinking, go out with trusted friends, and make plans to get home safely.
Campus Resources
  • The Counseling Center offers individual and group therapy to assist students. Do you need to relieve stress, deal with your emotions, set appropriate goals, or make healthy decisions? You can make an appointment today. For more information, please visit the Counseling Center website or call 812-464-1867.

  • The Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center (RFWC) offers many opportunities to exercise! Students can take a class or work out on their own! Find out more through the RFWC website.

  • The University Health Center provides medical services and health-related information to students, faculty, and staff. It is located in the lower level of the Health Professions Center. For more information, visit the Health Center website or call 812-465-1250.
Public Safety
USI Public Safety maintains 24/7 security coverage of campus. Security duties include traffic control, security of physical assets, and safety of all employees, students and guests. In addition, all security staff are trained in first aid and other emergency procedures. 

Reporting Crimes or Emergencies: Report all crimes, emergencies, and suspicious behavior to USI Public Safety immediately. Public Safety's emergency number is 812-492-777. We encourage you to store this number in your cell phone.

Blue Emergency Phones: These are the tall, blue structures with a light on top around campus. Pressing the button will immediately connect you to the USI Public Safety Dispatch Center. 

Rave Alert System: Are you enrolled in the Rave Alert system that provides emergency and timely warnings—via email, text message, and voice message? This system provides information about emergencies, severe weather, and other incidents impacting the University community. For more information and to sign up visit the Campus Alerts and Messaging page.

Security Escort: The USI Security Escort Program is designed to enhance your safety and peace of mind if you must be on campus after dark. The Security Escort Program is primarily a mobile service, but walking escorts are available upon request. To arrange an escort, call 812-464-1845 or use a blue emergency phone.

USI Public Safety Contact Information:
  • Office Phone Number: 812-464-1845
  • Emergency Phone Number: 812-492-7777
  • Emergency phones are located around campus in the blue cylindrical structures with a light on top. Pressing the button will connect you to the emergency number.
  • Visit: Public Safety website
  • Location: Located west of the University Center
Campus Updates
Safe Return to Campus Plan
When we return to classes on January 19 as previously communicated, we will temporarily do so in an online only capacity with a few exceptions for labs, practicums, clinicals and other areas that require in-person attendance. Classes will return to their previously scheduled modalities on February 8. You will be notified prior to Thanksgiving break if you are registered for a class that requires you to be back for in-person instructional activities on January 19.

Below you will find a list of important dates related to the end of Fall Semester and the start of Spring Semester. These dates are also available on the Academic Calendar website. I encourage you to review this carefully for additional information that may be important to you as we finish out the year and begin the Spring Semester. As always, these plans are subject to change as we continue to monitor this pandemic and the guidance of health and government officials.

New Student Orientation
Freshman and Transfer Students Students that are freshman or transfer students with less than 59 credit hours will complete Screaming Eagles Orientation in three parts
These three parts include:
  • Part A: Participate in a Virtual Advising Appointment and Register for Classes
  • Part B: Complete New Student Online Orientation 
  • Part C: Participate in the Virtual Screaming Eagles Orientation
Upper Level Transfer/Adult Students
Students that are transfer students with more than 59 credit hours or are 25 years of age or older will complete Screaming Eagles Orientation in two parts. 
These two parts include:
  • Part A: Participate in a Virtual Advising Appointment and Register for Classes
  • Part B: Complete Transfer/Adult Online Orientation 
Orientation Resources
View campus resources on our Virtual Orientation Resource Fair page.

After Virtual Advising Appointments:  
Please email your advisor or advising center with questions or call and leave a voicemail. A staff member will respond in one business day. If you are unsure of your advising center, check here.  
USI Insider Tips
USI Fight Song
Fight on, Screaming Eagles!
Fly your colors brave and true!
Relentless and storied, lead us to glory,
fight for the red, white and blue!
Filled with strength and honor,
Show your spirit far and wide.
We ever hail thee, on to victory,
Our Southern Indiana Pride!
Campus Resources
Orr Center 1051 | 812-464-1867

UC-East room 1229 | 812-464-1862

8115A Wright Bldg. (O'Daniel Apt.) | 812-464-1871
Tips & Reminders