Fall 2020 - Issue 1
Starting the College Experience
How to Deal with Homesickness
Leaving home to attend school is both exciting and challenging. Homesickness is very normal and is experienced by the majority of students who leave home for the first time. Even if you have spent time away from home previously, you are not immune from the loneliness, self-doubt, concentration difficulties, and preoccupation with home that characterizes homesickness. Here are some basic strategies which have proven effective for many students:

  1. Remember, homesickness is usually temporary - give yourself time to adjust.
  2. Get involved (with other students, classes, and student activities). The sooner you adapt to your new surroundings, the less intense your feelings of discomfort will become.
  3. Call or write home, but avoid going home every weekend. This is especially important during the beginning of the school year when many clubs, organizations and activities are just getting started. This is your opportunity to make new friends, many of whom are in the same boat.
  4. Talk out your feelings with a counselor, friend, or resident assistant. Just giving voice to your feelings can sometimes provide a new perspective and create a sense of relief.
"Transfer Shock"
Transfer students may think they know about college life and upper-level courses because they attended another university. However, you may suddenly find yourself feeling overwhelmed. If so, you are not alone. You are suffering from what is commonly referred to as "transfer shock," and because of it, many transfer students do not do as well academically in their first or second semesters at their new universities as they did at their previous schools. Here are some basic strategies which have proven effective for many students:

  1. Be goal-oriented - set long and short term goals to be successful..
  2. Take advantage of activities on campus to build a support network - USI is a new place with new demands and options. Get involved in at least one extra-curricular during your first semester.
  3. Monitor your own academic performance - take action at the first feeling of uncertainty about course content. Talk to your instructors, go in during office hours, and attend study sessions.
  4. Ask for help - Take advantage of the Academic Skills office, talk to your academic advisor, or schedule time to meet with a counselor, if you're feeling overwhelmed.
Counseling Center Resources to Help
While most students will develop homesickness or transfer shock and move past it, in some cases, it can develop into something more extreme. If your situation becomes overwhelming, seek guidance from the Counseling Center, they can help you assess the situation and make a plan to move forward.

Contact the USI Counseling Center at 812-464-1867 or visit the Counseling Center website for  self-help  resources such as how to transition to college, mental health information, and more!
  • Make sure your basic needs are met get enough sleep, eat enough food, drink enough water, exercise when you can, keep personal hygiene in mind.

  • Recognize the sources of stress eliminate unnecessary stress, face stress head on in a positive manner.

  • Ditch technology for a day - it can truly clear your head!

  • Overcome creative block through self-care give yourself a cognitive break and just walk away, remove distractions, change your scenery, do something that inspires you.
Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Despite the myth of "all college students drink", according to university data, 73.8% of USI freshman report NOT drinking when hanging out with friends. USI's policy prohibits alcohol and drugs on campus.

  • Students who choose to go out and drink should do so in a responsible manner. Students are encouraged to eat before and while drinking, go out with trusted friends, and make plans to get home safely. Use USI's SAFE Ride if you need to get back to campus!
Campus Resources
  • The Counseling Center offers individual and group therapy to assist students. Do you need to relieve stress, deal with your emotions, set appropriate goals, or make healthy decision? You can make an appointment today on the Counseling Center website or by calling 812-464-1867.

  • The Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center (RFWC) offers many opportunities to exercise for! Students can take a class or work out on their own! Find out more at the RFWC website.

  • The University Health Center provides medical services and health-related information to students, faculty, and staff. They are located in the lower level of the Health Professions Center. For more information, visit the Health Center website or call 812-465-1250.
Campus Updates
Safe Return to Campus Plan
The University of Southern Indiana campus reopened Monday, July 6. Detailed information about the University's Safe Return to Campus Plan, developed by the  USI COVID-19 Task Force  and approved by President Rochon, can be found online. All employees and students are asked to  review the plan  prior to returning to campus.

As the University prepares for this transition, the health and safety of the USI campus community continues to be our top priority. We continue to monitor the rapidly changing and ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 daily and follow the recommendations and guidance from the State, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Indiana State Department of Health and local healthcare providers.

More student information will be available later this summer. Please monitor your USI email for updates.
New Student Orientation
Enroll in Classes
Submit your Personalized Enrollment Form received via email. If you cannot locate your email, complete  this form  to begin the enrollment process.

Students will be contacted by the advising center for their intended major with a virtual advising appointment to develop a schedule for their Fall 2020 classes. The appointment will take about 30-45 minutes and students do not need to be available all day. Please make sure to check your USI email. If you don't hear anything, feel free to contact them.

Make sure to check your junk or clutter mailboxes. If you can't find the communication or your appointment date and time doesn't work, reach out to the advising center of your major.  You can find that information here.

To Connect with Advising Centers:   
Please email your advising center with questions or call and leave a voicemail. A staff member will respond in one business day. If you are unsure of your advising center,  check here .  
Complete New Student Online Orientation
Students are highly encouraged to complete the New Student Online Orientation . You will complete this at your own pace. It will take you 2-3 hours to complete. Parents and guests are welcome to review the online orientation information.

Virtual Orientation Meetings and Programs
USI is offering a variety of virtual orientation meetings and programs to prepare new students and their families for the upcoming school year. These activities will give you the opportunity to get to know other students and our orientation leaders, hear from faculty and staff, and get your questions answered.

All students and families are encouraged to sign up for one Orientation Zoom Meeting and participate in as many of the other virtual programs.

Check out all of the opportunities on the  Virtual Orientation Meetings and Program web page .
Virtual Camp Eagle - August 7-8
New students are invited to participate in Virtual Camp Eagle on August 7-8. Join us in our fun and interactive online adventure on Zoom and participate in challenging team-building activities, educational sessions, and learn more about USI. It is free to participate. Limited spots are available. Learn more and register online at USI.edu/campeagle  
USI Insider Tips
USI Fight Song
Fight on, Screaming Eagles!
Fly your colors brave and true!
Relentless and storied, lead us to glory,
fight for the red, white and blue!
Filled with strength and honor,
Show your spirit far and wide.
We ever hail thee, on to victory,
Our Southern Indiana Pride!
Campus Information
Campus Visit and Tour Information
In-person visits have resumed and are offered each weekday, with additional visit options on select Saturdays. Alternative campus visit options, including drive thru tours, virtual tours, virtual appointments and virtual live events, remain available. W e encourage students and their families to take advantage of these opportunities.
Available Opportunities:   

University Safety Practices:   
  • Masks are required and will be provided to guests who need them.
  • Upon entering the Fuquay Welcome Center, all guests are asked to use hand sanitizer located near the door.
  • Tours will be conducted with physical distancing in place; Admissions staff and Ambassadors will wear microphones with an amplifier while leading tours.
  • The Fuquay Welcome Center and housing showrooms will be routinely cleaned after each visit.
  • If you or anyone in your party have been diagnosed, exposed to, or have symptoms of COVID-19, please cancel your in-person visit and utilize our virtual experiences until you have recovered.
Financial Assistance And Billing
Student Financial Assistance Contact Information

Bursars (Student Payment Center)
Academic Support Programs
Honors Program
Are you a curious, eager student who loves to learn and wants to be part of a like-minded community? Then you should join the USI Honors Program! We can be your home at USI. We’ll push you academically, and you’ll also find a great group of peers to join for social events and service opportunities.
Check out more info and apply at the Honors Program website . Email Dr. Sarah Stevens, Director of Honors Program and Living Learning Community, with your questions at Sarah.Stevens@usi.edu .

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS)
The goal of our student-centered program is to prepare and empower our participants from the day they transition into college throughout their journey of earning their bachelor degrees. From enrollment to graduation, the SSS staff is dedicated to offering individualized assistance that enhance academic, personal, and professional potential of participants.

Contact Student Support Services for more information and to apply.
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