Fall 2020 - Issue 2
What's Next? - Student Billing
The Bursar's Office
Welcome to Screagle Nation! The Bursar’s Office is a student’s one stop shop for billing and payment options.  If you have any questions, visit the Bursar’s Office website for more information about our payment plans.

1) Fall 2020 tuition and fees are now viewable in TouchNet.  TouchNet is portal available through a your m yUSI that gives a student access to their billing statement, sign up for eRefunds (direct deposit), pay their bill, enroll in a payment plan, and view their 1098T form. Students may also create authorized users who can access TouchNet through a separate login. Authorized users may view a student’s billing statement, pay on a student’s bill, or enroll in a payment plan. 

2) Authorized Users
We understand many parents are financially supporting their student through their higher education. To help simplify the process and communication, we encourage students to add their parent(s) or guardian(s) as authorized users in TouchNet.
Students and authorized users can log into TouchNet to view their itemized charges, enroll in a payment plan, or pay in full.  Visit the TouchNet FAQ page for more information .

3) Billing Statements
Billing statements will be sent on August 3,  which will have the student’s tuition, housing, meal plans, and financial aid itemized. The Fall payment is due August 28, 2020.

4) Payment Plans
Students and authorized users may enroll in the Fall 2020 estimated payment plan now. This payment plan allows students to begin paying on their account with a minimum of $200 and divide their remaining costs into five monthly installments. Deadline to enroll is July 31. Beginning August 3, the payment plan will require 20% down with four monthly installments or eight bi-monthly installments. There is no enrollment fee or interest on any of our payment plans. Deadline to enroll is August 28.

5) eRefunds
Sign up for eRefunds to ensure your refund is processed safer and faster. Log into TouchNet and click on Direct Deposit to enroll today.

Bursars Office (Student Payment Center) Contact Information
Student Financial Aid
Student Financial Assistance
Student Financial Assistance is dedicated to helping University of Southern Indiana students and their families navigate the financial aid process and educating them in making the best use of all resources available to help finance the cost of their education. The majority of USI students receive some form of college financial aid, so our financial assistance counselors are experts at navigating the financial aid system.

Check Financial Assistance Status
Students can check the status of their financial aid and any outstanding documents by following these steps:
  • Log in to myUSI
  • Select the “Self Service” Eagle App
  • Select “Financial Aid”
  • Check on status of outstanding documents by selecting “Eligibility”
  • Check financial aid package by selecting “Award” and then “Award for Aid Year”

Student Financial Assistance Contact Information
Financial Aid Checklist
1. Complete  FAFSA
2. Use the IRS retrieval option on  FAFSA.  This option expedites the processing of your application. 
3. Financial aid awards are calculated once students are admitted and USI receives the  FAFSA .
4. The  Direct Loan , a federal student loan, will be packaged as an offer to eligible students. 
5. Beginning  July 1 , students will need to log on to myUSI and accept, decline, or reduce the Direct Loan. 
6. If you receive results from the  FAFSA  and are interested in applying for federal work study, you may complete a  Work Study Resume .  
7. Check your myUSI to see what documents are required in case you are selected for verification. 
8. Provided you have completed all requirements, financial aid will be applied to account balance.
Student Loans
Use these smart borrowing tips:
  • Figure your total college expenses
  • Subtract "free" money (grant, scholarships, etc.)
  • Subtract all possible sources of cash
  • Make budget cuts where possible
  • Borrow federal student loans first!
Student Financial Success Center
The Student Financial Success Center (SFSC) is here to help you answer these questions and walk with you through this exciting time. The SFSC provides virtual peer-mentoring and support services to advance financial literacy and wellness among students and to promote their retention and success.

The SFSC seeks to empower people with the skills and strategies that they need to transition from financial stress to financial success. To make your first move toward financial freedom today visit SFSC online to learn more.
We look forward to walking with you towards a lifetime of financial wellness and success!

Student Financial Success Center Contact Information
Money Management
Tips for managing your money:
  • Create a budget and stick to it
  • Save and project for future expenses
  • Do "free" things
  • Keep records of expenses
  • Don't overuse ATM, debit, or credit cards
  • Pay credit cards off monthly to avoid paying interest
A budget involves two things:
  • A list of income and expenses
  • Essential expenses: housing, utilities, transportation, groceries
  • Non-essential expenses: Cable TV, the latest cell phone, credit card bills 
  • A plan for meeting responsibilities and goals
Watch the Orientation Series College Finance Replay
Watch the Orientation Zoom Series College Finance Replay , which c overs student financial aid, billing and payment processes, and student support for financial planning.
Working in College
On-Campus Jobs
Working on-campus can help students feel connected to USI, meet new people, and feel a part of something. Most on-campus jobs understand you are a student first and offer flexibility. The location is also a perk. Instead of commuting to a job, you can reduce travel time and costs by working on campus. There are two types of on-campus positions: Student Worker and Federal Work Study. Read below to learn more.
Student Worker Positions
There are many offices and departments that hire student workers for office help, event management, and campus services. USI Dining/Sodexo (food service), Public Safety, Recreation, Fitness and Wellness Center, and Student Development Programs are just a few of the campus offices that hire students.
Federal Work Study
This program provides jobs for undergraduate and graduate students who need financial aid. Students are paid at least minimum wage and work between 5 and 20 hours per week when school is in session. A portion of the earnings from non-enrollment periods is used to meet the student's academic year expenses and, therefore, may reduce a student's need for other assistance.

Students may apply for the FWS program by completing the FAFSA and indicating work study as a type of aid requested on the FAFSA. After completing the FAFSA, interested students should complete the Federal Work Study resume. The FWS resume is found online in the   Student Financial Assistance forms library  . 
Working Off-Campus
Working off-campus is another option. Working off-campus offers more job options and often higher wages. However, you will spend more time off campus and the employer may not be as understanding that you are a student first. Make sure you factor in travel time when looking at off-campus jobs. 
USI Insider Tips - USI Lingo
Things to Know About Campus
  • *DegreeWorks* allows you to track progress toward degree completion (audit), develop semester-by-semester course selections (plans), determine progress toward a different degree program ("what if" audit), and determine a potential grade point average (GPA calculator) based on certain criteria

  • *Jazz Lounge* lounge in entry to the David L. Rice Library. Come study or just hangout here

  • *Orr Center* houses the BURSAR and Student Financial Assistance offices along with Undergraduate Admissions, Registrar, Counseling Center, Honors Program, and Career Services and Internships

  • *The Shield* USI's student publication. Students are responsible for all reporting, writing, editing, and publishing. More information can be found at usishield.com
Campus Information
New Student Orientation
1) Enroll in Classes
Submit your Personalized Enrollment Form received via email. If you cannot locate your email, complete  this form  to begin the enrollment process.

Please email your advising center with questions or call and leave a voicemail. A staff member will respond in one business day. If you are unsure of your advising center,  check here

2) Complete New Student Online Orientation
Students are highly encouraged to complete the  New Student Online Orientation . You will complete this at your own pace. It will take you 2-3 hours to complete. Parents and guests are welcome to review the  online orientation information .

3) Participate in Virtual Orientation Meetings and Programs
USI is offering a variety of virtual orientation meetings and programs to prepare new students and their families for the upcoming school year. These activities will give you the opportunity to get to know other students and our orientation leaders, hear from faculty and staff, and get your questions answered.

Check out all of the opportunities on the  Virtual Orientation Meetings and Program web page .
Safe Return to Campus Plan
The University of Southern Indiana campus reopened Monday, July 6. Detailed information about the University's Safe Return to Campus Plan, developed by the  USI COVID-19 Task Force  and approved by President Rochon, can be found online. All employees and students are asked to  review the plan  prior to returning to campus.

As the University prepares for this transition, the health and safety of the USI campus community continues to be our top priority. We continue to monitor the rapidly changing and ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 daily and follow the recommendations and guidance from the State, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Indiana State Department of Health and local healthcare providers.

More student information will be available later this summer. Please monitor your USI email for updates.
Campus Office Information
Check out the following offices for new student and campus information:
Virtual Camp Eagle: August 7-8
New students are invited to participate in Virtual Camp Eagle on August 7-8. Join us in our fun and interactive online adventure on Zoom and participate in challenging team-building activities, educational sessions, and learn more about USI. It is free to participate. Limited spots are available. Learn more and register online at  USI.edu/campeagle  
August 17-26, 2020
More Information Coming Soon
Student Spotlight - Tobi Clark
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