Fall 2020 / Issue 5
A.C.T. Safe Campus Campaign 
 Goal: Educate, increase awareness and instill a sense of urgency within the campus community to respond properly to any real/perceived hazard or emergency in a timely manner .


AAssess the Situation ;
  • What do you see? Is it potentially dangerous to anyone?
  • Does something not seem right or seem out of place?
  • Are weapons involved?
  • Is there a fire, person in distress or other emergency occurring?
  • Is there an obvious violation of law or University policy occurring?
C - Call for Assistance IMMEDIATELY
  • See Something, Say Something - Don’t Wait
  • Call and report the incident to Public Safety IMMEDIATELY by calling 812-492-7777 or ext. 7777
  • If appropriate, use a campus emergency phone
T - Take Action
  • Alert others and assist those in need
  • Evacuate yourself and others to a designated safe gathering area or shelter in place
  • Use a fire alarm ONLY during a fire
  • Run, Hide, Fight if appropriate
  • Implement Bystander Interventions techniques
Safety Tips
10 Safety Tips for College Students
1. Make the call: Program the number of USI Public Safety in your cell phone (812-492-7777). If you see a crime in progress, suspicious behavior or any emergency, do not hesitate - make the call. Call Public Safety for any assistance you need. 

2. Empower yourself: Consider taking a self-defense class

3. Do not walk alone: Take advantage of the University’s Campus Escort Program or walk with friends or classmates, especially at night. Contact USI Public Safety for escort services: call 812-464-1845 or use a blue emergency phone. 

4. Protect your property: Never leave items unattended (backpack, laptop, cell phone), even if it is just for a minute. Make it a habit to take valuables with you, especially during any holiday break.

5. Report solicitors: Solicitation on campus is prohibited! Avoid solicitor scams by politely saying "no" and immediately notifying USI Public Safety at 812-492-7777. Never provide solicitors with your personal information.

6. On the bus: Stay awake and keep your belongings close to you.

7. Grab it. Close it. Lock it.: College parking lots and structures are common targets for thieves. Never leave valuables in your car in plain sight. Make sure your windows are up and lock your doors.

8. Keep personal information private: Avoid becoming a victim of identity theft by carrying only necessary items in your wallet and purse.

9. Keep your residence locked: Do not prop doors open or loan your keys or cards to anyone. Challenge any “piggy back” entry to anyone you don’t know. 

10. Always carry identification and emergency contact information: Carry an emergency notification card. Program emergency notification numbers in your phone. 
Prevention & Response
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
USI is committed to creating and maintaining an educational and work environment free of all violence in which all members of the USI community are treated with respect and dignity. USI condemns all gender-based discrimination including sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, and all other forms of non-consensual sexual activity.

Title IX
  • Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any education program or activity that receives federal funding.

Title IX Coordinators
Campus Resources
Orr Center 1051 | 812-464-1867

Health Professions 091 | 812-465-1250

8115A Wright Bldg. (O'Daniel Apt.) | 812-464-1871

UC-East room 1229 | 812-464-1862

Public Safety

Community Resources

Domestic Violence | 812-422-5622

Sexual Assault | 812-424-7273

Toll Free | 800-339-7752

All answered 24 hours/day


Campus Alerts and Messaging
USI Rave Alert gives you immediate notifications - via email, text message, and voice message - about emergencies, severe weather, and other incidents impacting the USI community.

How to sign-up for Rave Alert:
2. Click on the Rave Alert icon on the left
3. On the Rave Alert account screen you may add additional email addresses and phone numbers you want to receive alerts. 
The Rave Guardian app is a free mobile app available for iOS and Android devices that allows USI students, faculty and staff access to a variety of safety features on their personal devices. The USI features of the app can be activated by anyone with an active USI directory listing. Rave Guardian is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.
The Rave Guardian app provides several key features that make it an important safety resource for all users:
  • Safety Timer
  • Chat
  • USI Emergency
  • Important Numbers
  • USI on the Web
  • Inbox
Parking and Registering a Vehicle
Parking Permits
Housing residents must register their vehicle. Students who complete the parking registration prior to their move in date, will be able to pick up a packet at check in that will include the parking permit decal, decal placement instructions and other important information.

USI Parking promotes pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety while expediting the efficient flow of traffic on University roadways and in parking lots.

USI Parking Office Hours:
  • Location: Located west of the University Center (Public Safety Building)
  • Hours:
  • Monday -Thursday: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.  
  • Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED
Shuttle Schedules
USI and the Metropolitan Evansville Transit System (METS) provide bus transportation on campus and to the Eagle Plaza and Schnuck's Transfer Terminal for USI students. There is no charge for students providing a valid University ID (Eagle Access Card). Real-time tracking of buses serving the USI campus is available through the website DoubleMap.
 Campus Shuttle 

Shuttle 1:
7 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Shuttle 2:
7:30 a.m. until 9:15 p.m. (5 p.m. on Fri.)

Shuttle 3:
7:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. (Oct. thru Mar.)
METS West Connection

Monday - Friday
7 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. 

Campus Information
August 17-28, 2020
It’s time for Welcome Week! You’ll get your first taste of what it’s like to be a student at USI. This exciting week of activities helps you discover more about USI and introduces you to lots of other new students. Get comfortable with your new surroundings and jump-start your academic success. Look inside this publication for exciting Welcome Week program highlights!

Am I required to attend?
All first-year students are expected to participate in all of the Eagle Experience activities during Welcome Week and are required to participate in the virtual program portion of Eagle Experience on Saturday, August 22. Transfer students are encouraged to participate in all of the Eagle Experience activities but do not need to participate in the virtual program.

Eagle Experience activities include:
  • Friday, August 21 | Convocation, College Meetings and Lunch with Faculty
  • Saturday, August 22 | Eagle Experience: Virtual Program
  • Community Meetings

What are the benefits?
Students who fully participate in Welcome Week are more confident when they start classes because they have had time to meet friends, navigate campus and get settled.
New Student Orientation
1) Enroll in Classes
Submit your Personalized Enrollment Form received via email. If you cannot locate your email, complete this form to begin the enrollment process.

Please email your advising center with questions or call and leave a voicemail. A staff member will respond in one business day. If you are unsure of your advising center, check here

2) Complete New Student Online Orientation
Students are highly encouraged to complete the New Student Online Orientation. You will complete this at your own pace. It will take you 2-3 hours to complete. Parents and guests are welcome to review the online orientation information.

3) Participate in Virtual Orientation Meetings and Programs
USI is offering a variety of virtual orientation meetings and programs to prepare new students and their families for the upcoming school year. These activities will give you the opportunity to get to know other students and our orientation leaders, hear from faculty and staff, and get your questions answered.

Check out all of the opportunities on the Virtual Orientation Meetings and Program web page.
Music Auditions
All new students interested in participating in Chamber Choir, Women's Choir, or Jazz Band must audition to be placed in a music group. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, these auditions are being held online.

If you are interested in the Chamber Choir or Women's Choir contact Dan Craig, associate professor of music, dcraig@usi.edu.

If you are interested in the Jazz Band contact Thomas Drury, instructor in music, twdrury@usi.edu
Campus Office Information
Check out the following offices for new student and campus information:
Screagle in the Spotlight - Taegan Garner
Year: Sophomore
Major: Sociology and Political Science
From: Olney, Illinois

If you could be any superhero, who would you be?
Josephine March (a character from Little Women) because she is a strong, empowered woman who refused to apologize for it.

What is your favorite USI memory?
That would be going to Orlando with the USI Cheer Team.

How have you made USI your home?
I have made USI home by making great friends and getting involved with different clubs and organizations.
Tips & Reminders