June 2020
Campus Updates
Fall Semester Announcements
Academic Delivery and Calendar
The University will utilize a flexible course delivery model for the Fall 2020 Semester to accommodate varying circumstances for the student body. With this model, considering social distancing and safety practices, students will be on campus for face-to-face courses and a combination of technology-enhanced, hybrid and online formats. Each college will offer a diverse selection of courses with a variety of delivery modes to ensure a positive campus experience for students. Course offerings by type will be available later this summer.

USI's COVID-19 Task Force Steering Committee has also made revisions to the Fall 2020 Academic Calendar. The revised calendar converts Assessment Day and Fall Break to instructional days. After Thanksgiving recess, all courses will be instructed online for one week, followed by a week of finals. View the Academic Calendar web page.

Student Housing and Fall 2020 Move In
Student Housing will be open for the Fall 2020 Semester. After much deliberation and consultation with medical authorities, the University will open campus housing to a maximum of 85% occupancy. There will be apartment buildings left intentionally vacant with individual bedrooms and bathrooms reserved for possible quarantine use. Special training and contact tracing protocols will be given to all those who work in Housing and Residence Life, including all Resident Assistants. More information will be available closer to the school year. Visit the Housing and Residence Life website for student housing move-in information.
New Student Orientation
Complete New Student Online Orientation
Students are highly encouraged to complete the New Student Online Orientation . You will complete this at your own pace. It will take you 2-3 hours to complete. You don't need to do it in one sitting but will need to log in with the same information for the system to remember where you left off. The Online Orientation works best using the Google Chrome browser.  

Parents and guests are welcome to review the online orientation information
Virtual Orientation Meetings and Programs
USI is offering a variety of virtual orientation meetings and programs to prepare new students and their families for the upcoming school year. These activities will give you the opportunity to get to know other students and our orientation leaders, hear from faculty and staff, and get your questions answered.

All students and families are encouraged to sign up for one Orientation Zoom Meeting and participate in as many of the other virtual programs.

Upcoming Programs:

Check out all of the opportunities on the  Virtual Orientation Meetings and Program web page .
Virtual Advising and Registration Appointment
Students will be contacted prior to their appointment date by the advising center for their intended major with a virtual advising appointment to develop a schedule for their Fall 2020 classes. The appointment will take about 30-45 minutes and students do not need to be available all day. Please make sure to check your USI email. If you don't hear anything, feel free to contact them.

To Connect with Advising Centers:   
Please email your advising center with questions or call and leave a voicemail. A staff member will respond in one business day. If you are unsure of your advising center,  check here .  
Orientation Contact Information & FAQs
Student Development Programs (Orientation):   
  • Online chat will be available every day from 8 a.m.to 4:30 p.m. Look for the “How Can We Help?” chat feature on the Orientation webpage
  • Email questions to orientation@usi.edu.  
  • Call 812-465-7167 and leave a voicemail. A staff member will respond within one business day.  
TRIO Student Support Services (SSS)
TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) at USI fosters an environment that advocates, serves, and mentors 140 first-generation, low-income, and disabled students. 

The goal of our student-centered program is to prepare and empower our participants from the day they transition into college throughout their journey of earning their bachelor degrees.

From enrollment to graduation, the SSS staff is dedicated to offering individualized assistance that enhance academic, personal, and professional potential of participants.
SSS staff serve students in a holistic manner and function as an on-campus academic family to our participants. TRIO programs have more than 50 years of history serving students nationally.

  • Academic Advising and Monitoring | Peer Mentoring
  • Academic Coaching | One-on-One Tutoring | Financial Counseling
  • Applying for Scholarships | Cultural Enrichment Programming
  • Career and Major Exploration | Graduate School Preparation
  • Developing Leadership Skills | Student Employment
  • SSS-Specific UNIV 101 Experience | Free In-Office Printing
  • Personal Guidance | And MUCH More…

Contact Student Support Services for more information and to apply.
Student Financial Assistance
Making Your Dollar Last Longer
We have all been in the situation where we need more money than we have. We start thinking, if only I could make this money stretch a little further. The truth is, that dollar can stretch further, but you have to be willing to make the necessary changes. Below are just a few suggestions to get more bang for your buck.

Make Meals at Home
  • Cooking at home provides more filling meals as well as a greater quantity of food than going out every night. Plus, it can be quite a bit cheaper
Use Your Student Discount
  • One of the greatest perks of being a student is that a lot of places offer discounts for you. When you go out to eat with friends don't be afraid to ask if the restaurant offers USI discounts. The worst they can say is no.
Use Inexpensive Transportation
  • Public transportation can cost a lot less than paying to fuel up your car every week. If you have friends who drive, see if they are willing to carpool to save everyone a little money as well. Consider taking a bus, biking or walking when you can too.
Student Financial Assistance Contact Information
Campus Information
Campus Visit and Office Information
Campus Visits  
Please know that Student Development Programs and Admissions are working remotely. Campus is only accessible by authorized personnel; however, the University welcomes prospective students and their families to engage with us virtually. Available options are listed below, and we encourage students and their families to take advantage of these opportunities.
Honors Program
Student Spotlight - Jotam Chen
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